Russian stars in childhood

These people are now known all over Russia, and once they were carrying heavy school bag, hooligans, and drew on the lessons of moms postcard. We are willing to believe that even if they could see something special. But a child to take - each has something special, some talent and talent.

Website for you to publish a selection of children photos of current Russian stars. Let's look at it and dream about who our children will grow out of.

Elizabeth Boyarskaya

As a child, Elizabeth studied medium and did not think to become an actress (and stellar parents are not seen in her actress). She wanted to be a journalist.

Constantine Habenskiy

Future talented artist Konstantin Habensky also did not think about her acting career as a child. He wanted to become a "fireman, an astronaut, a sailor and someone else, but not an actor." By the end of the school following the example of their parents going to get tehobrazovanie. Cool, that he changed his mind.


Very modest girl Alsu from early childhood dreamed of becoming a musician and diligently learned to play the piano. Her parents fully supported.

Gosh Kutsenko

Gosha grew up a tomboy and did not think about acting career. He realized that it draws on the stage only when disaccustomed two courses at the Faculty of Radio Engineering, and then decided to enter the Moscow Art Theatre School. Father, Deputy Minister of the USSR Radio, was shocked and began to call the dean's office with the request to "lisp this idiot did not take."


Zemfira achieved everything myself, from childhood she was hard-working and diligently studied music. He composed his first song at age 7 and sang her mom at work.

Dima Bilan

Dima Bilan grew up in a musical family, he adored Vysotsky, classical music and go out into the yard to play the accordion.

Faith Brezhneva

Childhood Faith was not easy - a family with a disabled dad barely make ends meet. She does not get along with classmates who teased her because of the shabby clothes, and as a teenager had to earn the Faith after school.

Timur Batrutdinov

Timur since childhood wanted to be famous. "I did an interview at the school said that no matter what I will be, the main thing - that my name was in the encyclopaedia┬╗.

Eugene Plyuschenko

Jack grew up a sickly boy and 4 years parents 'tempering' led him to a section of figure skating. Hit the mark.

Xenia Borodina

Xenia since childhood wanted to be a television presenter, after graduation, she actively sent out his resume on the TV, but the job offers was not. Disappointed, she decided to go to his parents in Italy, and then suddenly it was invited to become the leading "House-2┬╗.

Daniel Kozlovskiy

Daniel was a rare tomboy and a bully. The 7 (!) Years, he persuaded the brothers to run away from home, and they walked a day in Moscow. (Daniel pictured right).

Philip Kirkorov

Despite the fact that Philip the age of five went on tour with his parents, he graduated from high school with a gold medal.

Alla Pugacheva

But Alla Pugacheva has never been an excellent student, but in the school loved to be the center of attention. Classmates remember that it was quite rowdy.

Jeanne Friske

Family Jeanne lived a wealthy life, they are often moved, and lived in communal apartments, and "small families". Girl from childhood loved to sing and dance, participated in school concerts and performances. (Jeanne pictured right).

Anfisa Chehova

Anfisa was troechnitsey and this rebel - one day it even expelled from school.

Anastasia Volochkova

Intelligent parents tried to develop Nastya diversified from early childhood, and since one and a half years my mother took her daughter to museums and theaters. Its fate was solved when 5 years old Anastasia saw the ballet "The Nutcracker" at the Mariinsky Theater.

Ivan Ohlobystin

The school stood Vanya mind and depth of knowledge, and when applying for a directing course at VGIK struck all extraordinary thinking.

Natalia Vodyanova

Little Natalia lived hard. With 11 years she helped her mother in the market and look after two younger sisters. It helped her to forge a fighting spirit and become one of the best top models of the world.

Alexander Gradskiy

Alexander read a lot as a child and hated the music school. The decision to become a singer came in the wake of enthusiasm The Beatles.

Boris Grebenschikov

Parents future musician people were employed, and a big role in his life played a grandmother. It was she who taught Boris play the seven-string guitar.

Vanya Urgant

As a child, Ivan loved to draw attention to themselves, and because of his antics parents actors repeatedly summoned to the school.



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