Exposing the thief.

Three were expensive wanderer. Came on the eve of the Sabbath. Agreement, with former strangers hid their money. At midnight one of them stood up and took the money, perepryatat them to another location. At the end of the Sabbath day pilgrims went to take the money and not finding them, they began to accuse each other of stealing. Decided to go to court to Solomon.
After hearing the story of strangers, Solomon offered them the decision to come the next day, and he began to think, how to find the thief, forcing him to expose himself. When strangers came to the court, Solomon turned to them with these words:
- I've heard about you, that you - the people enlightened, wise and experienced in matters of disputed, and I ask you to judge the case, which came to me one king.
In the country of the king grew up in the neighborhood of a boy and girl. They loved each other, and the young man said the girl, "Swear to me that you will not become anyone's wife, while I will not give out your consent." The girl swore. After some time, her betrothed to another man. After the wedding, when the young were left alone, the bride to the groom said: "I can not do your wife for as long as I go to my first fiance, whom I swore, and did not get his consent to this».
Coming to the first fiance, she said: "Take me with a large ransom silver and gold, and let me be the wife of someone with whom to marry me." "Since you remained faithful to his oath - he replied, - I will not take any ransom. Go, you are free. " A young husband, who was there, he said: "Rejoice in the world share their».
On the way back they were attacked by robbers. Among Thieves was an old man, who, not content with stolen money and jewelry, demanded lovemaking from a young woman. "Let me - she pleaded, referring to the thief - to talk about one case in my life." And she told the story of his first courtship and how did both her fiance. "Think well - she added in conclusion - the young man who had every right to me, overcame his passion and did not touch me. You, old man, the more should be curbed himself. Leave yourself all the silver and gold, just set me free with my husband ».
After hearing the story of her robber looked up to heaven and deeply repented that he is standing on the brink of the grave, set out to do, not only to let the young couple to freedom, but also brought back all taken from them money and jewelry to the last detail. < br /> - King - added Solomon - in the country of which occurred this case, asks me who is involved in this story deserves the highest praise? So, I ask you to help me to judge this matter.
- Sir, - said one of the strangers - in my opinion, deserves the highest praise the bride, remained faithful to his oath.
The second said:
- Higher praise worthy young husband, who was able to resist the temptation and did not touch it before the first groom did not release her from the curse.
- This is it! - Exclaimed the third of strangers. - Above all, I am surprised the thief. Think about it: not only that he did not touch the prisoner - money, all the money that has been in his hands, he gave back!
And the king said to Solomon:
- This last with such enthusiasm talking about the money that he had not even seen, but only heard of them; how he was able to do with the money that found themselves in his hands?


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