Purse of gold

One day Rabbi Chaim of ZANS stood at the window and looked out. Seeing a passerby, he knocked on the window and motioned him to enter the house. When he entered the room, Rabbi Chaim asked:
- Tell me if you find a purse of gold, do you come back to its owner?
- Rabbi - he replied, - if I knew who the boss is, I would have returned the wallet, not a moment's hesitation.
- You are a fool, - said the rabbi of ZANS.
He then returned to the window and called another passer-by and asked him the same question.
- I'm not such a fool as to give a purse full of money, which I found - he replied.
- You're a bad, - said the rabbi of ZANS and called the third.
He answered the question as:
- Rabbi, how do I know what I'll be when I find a purse, and if I can protect themselves from ill will? Maybe it will prevail over me, and I APPROPRIATE what belongs to another. But maybe, God, blessed be He, will help me cope, and I'll give you that I found, to its rightful owner!
- These are good words! - Said the rabbi - you're a true sage.


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