Top 10 most respectable thieves (10 photos)

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1. The thief who stole the laptop of Professor Swedish University of Umea, returned all the contents on the flash drive. When the professor discovered the theft of laptop, he fell into a state of shock, because there are records of 10 years of work. However, the thief was so decent that some time later returned to Professor flash drive, which has been copied all the information.

2. In one of the houses of Lower Saxony broke armed robber. While he was threatened with a pistol nurse with two children 7 years brought him all his savings so that he left the woman alone. The robber was so moved by this act that left the house without taking a penny.

3. In October 2011, a thief had stolen from a parked car 2 mobile phone and wallet. When he looked into one of the phones, he saw there images of child pornography. This gave him such a strong repugnance, he surrendered to the authorities to help investigate the case. Through promoting the thief was arrested a 46-year-old man. As nakazanaiya relaxed, just the failed thief was sentenced to a month in prison and fined.

4. A young couple from Houston went on a fishing trip with a small child. Just get to the place, she decided that the weather was too cold for her son and decided to leave it in the car, turned on the heater. When the couple moved to arrange the equipment, the following in this time behind them tramp decided to steal a car. After passing a couple of quarters, he found that the baby is in the car. The man immediately turned around and drove back.

5. Jamie MakElrat camera was stolen from her car. As soon as the robber knew that Jamie she was terminally ill, he immediately decided to return the stolen item. Jamie, who suffers from cancer to collect photographs of their children, so that after her death they were something to remember. The camera belonged to the father of the woman, who died two years ago of a heart attack. The thief heard her tragic story on the radio when she performed there to return the stolen goods.

6. Theft from Indiana managed to pull off an inflatable Santa and two penguins from the yard of James McLaren. A few days later Santa was returned to James, together with a written apology and a denomination 100 $.

7. Theft from Saudi Arabia, as well as to remain anonymous, back to the present owner of jewelry stolen from his more than 10 years ago. According to the owner of jewelry to him to knock on the door in the middle of the night, opened the door, he found a strange bag on the doorstep, in which both were decorations, as well as a letter of apology.

8. The Brazilian, stolen vehicle returned the car to its owner after the call to the mobile phone left in the car and told the thief that he is experiencing financial difficulties.

9. A valuable painting, worth 2.75 million dollars, which was stolen during an armed robbery of a museum in Brussels in 2009, was returned after the thieves could not sell it on the black market.

10. The thief who stole the urn with the ashes of her husband, Carol Lalonde, decided to bring him back after he heard the request of the public women. Container disappeared on Christmas Eve 2011, when her house was robbed, and from there was taken a TV, a computer and jewelry. Carol skorbevshaya most of the loss of the ashes of her husband decided to ask the thief to return at least the ashes.

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