How to protect your apartment from thieves: advice for all who value their assets.

The summer - time of holidays and rest, but not for the thieves and robbers. To them comes the most "hot" time. Official statistics says that in the holiday season the number of burglaries increased by half, because most citizens are not only leaving a house unattended, but neglects the simple, but effective security measures.
Today will talk about how to prepare the home for vacation and to the maximum to protect it from intruders visit. So, read articles, receive instructions and go on vacation with peace of mind!
Windows em>

According to statistics, most of the thieves climb inside the home is through windows, breaking glass or vylamyvaya frame.

bars on the windows

Those living on the first, second and last floor should not ignore protection with bars on the windows or balcony. Experienced thieves get the hand to break even plastic box with a locking system against external opening. However, the lattice does not always save. The most useless are design with anchor - bolts screwed into hammered into the wall studs: the thieves simply spun. But also welded to the pins, too, not all are good. The most reliable considered a lattice of square cross-section bar of 12-16 mm. 10-mm round bars easily breaks the clippers.

Film armored glass

Another great way to apprehend the thieves to "input" in the window - glass film book. Layer 4, 7 millimeter protect the glass from hitting even the ax! By the way, you can choose a film with a mirror image, so that thieves will not be able to look inside and scout.

handles with locks on windows

To complicate getting into the apartment through the windows help and handles with locks that are locked from the inside. Set can handle such as plastic, and the wooden window. To turn a frame with a screwdriver, the thief will have pretty tricky.

doors em>

The bad news is that a lot of kinds of locks on the front door of spoilers is not a hindrance. The good news is we know how to protect your apartment.

Unusual Up

In order to ensure that the owners of the apartment no thieves tend to call at the door. The most simple and budget option - to put the call to an answering machine that simulates a dog barking. It would seem that it is very simple, but many scare robbers fierce barking skunk at the door.


Another smart thing to protect the front door - it videoglazok. The device consists of a motion sensor, a digital camera, combined with a bell, and a liquid crystal display panel, which is mounted on the inside of the door. Outwardly, this eye does not differ from the usual, and does not attract attention. The essence of its operation is that it includes a recording mode (video or, at the request of the owner) whenever triggered motion sensor, covering the entire area of ​​the landing (record stored on a memory card). The only disadvantage of this wonderful invention - its price.

Security inside em>

The most advanced protection available today - alarm and video surveillance. Here the choice is huge, so we will focus on the most simple and inexpensive tools that do not require a call specialists to install them.

Sensors opening

On windows and doors can be installed sensors opening. The principle of operation is very simple: as soon as a door or window in which the sensor is opened, an alarm loud alarm sound and the device sends an SMS message to the phone owner. Still, there are glass-breakage sensors (triggered on impact) and motion sensors (to respond to heat). All wireless devices operate on battery, a charge which is enough for about one year. A big plus - these devices are relatively inexpensive.


One of the most advanced instruments for monitoring object property - IP-camera. With this device, at any time, you can not only see but also hear what is going on in the apartment, since the camera is equipped with two-way communication function. The main condition for work - an internet connection. In addition, the camera is equipped with a motion sensor. If it works, the camera will immediately make a photo and send it to the owner. Perhaps, this device is only one drawback - its price.

Men in Black

To protect your apartment from thieves, you can use the services of security companies. However, this method is not the cheapest. In addition to equipment costs flat electronic eyes and ears have to pay a monthly subscription fee, and be sure to insure their property. Plus, such a choice - the villains have virtually no chance to make money in the apartment. After penetration into the home signal from the electronic sensors is supplied to the remote controller, and after 3-5 minutes comes outfit with arms.


It argued that the best guard - lives in an apartment dog that is certainly not allow your home to rob. In reality, however, if the dog has not been properly trained, it does not protect the apartment, but only the loud barking, scenting a stranger at the door. The most reliable defenders considered American Staffordshire Terrier, American Bulldogs and Cane Corso. They attacked without warning of any "no member of the pack," invading their territory. The problem is that such a fighting spirit have long to educate by teaching that without the owners enter into a house no one can. And if the owners go on vacation, who will feed and walk their pet? In such a case would have to pre-train a dog that has the right to enter one of the relatives who do not live in the apartment.

Psychological techniques em>

If professional protection until it is too expensive, then try to apply some psychological tricks that can create the apartment "effect of presence».
Included light

In the context of a rise in price of utility bills, this method seems to be not that cheap, but it is because our grandmothers defended their home when the alarm about videoglazok and even never heard of. Just leave at the time of departure to one of the rooms lights on. If in your apartment will be watching, it will create the effect of the presence of the owners of the house. For the same reason our grandmother left the radio on. The electricity it takes a little bit, but the thieves, he heard the sound of the door, changed his mind to penetrate into the house.


Keys to the mailbox is best left to the neighbors and ask them to take out a regular correspondence. Burglars often pay attention to such seemingly little things - the mailbox is full, so the owners are absent for a long time.

Auto Answer

If you have an answering machine at home - do not leave a message that you are away and plan to return any time soon. Do not forget to call back and hear that this information can not only friends and colleagues, but also the apartment thieves.

The above tips are suitable not only for the protection of the home during the summer holidays and recreation in the country, and for year-round safety of your property. Be sure to share this article with your friends. If everyone can protect themselves from thieves - perhaps more of them will be left! Remain vigilant!

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