Never hide the money in these places - where they will be looking for in the first place ...

1. In a drawer, walls, desks, boxes, secretary, pianos, etc.

According to statistics, in the drawer or desk hides saving 26% of Russians are among those who keep money at home. This can be explained or ordinary carelessness, or the fact that these people are well aware: the thieves still find the money, so they should at least be in the apartment behave disgracefully.

2. Among clothes - in cabinets or in baskets of dirty laundry: under piles of laundry in the pockets of the old coats in the lining of jackets, socks, etc.

Not less than 26% of Russians who keep savings at home, make hiding places among the clothes. Although thieves will look exactly there, apparently, it is hoped that they will simply amaze the number of rags, and they give up.

3. In the books, CDs, video cassettes.

The fact that one in five Russians keep their money in books, thieves are well aware. Operatives suggest that one of the main parts of the crime - Upside-down home library.

4. Under the mattress.

Only 7% of Russians admitted that they keep their money under the mattress. But they, and those who hid it from sociologists, it should be remembered that under the mattress in search of money even glance lint "spontanschik."

5. For mirrors, paintings, wall carpets.

Whoever he hung on a wall painting or a mirror, he finds it difficult to see that the tape is adhered to the back side of the frame. That's because he is afraid that the mirror will drop and the work will have to do again. In fact, if not cautious (and thieves will never cherish the good of others), that hung on the wall, the wall can be removed one jerk.

6. In the toilet tank.

The construction of the cache in a tank requires a certain skill, but there are no guarantees that the thief did not climb there. Perhaps these considerations are guided by 99% of Russians, who have decided their money not to trust a tank.

7. In the kitchen: in the refrigerator, in cans of cereals, in the oven.

Approximately 6% of the respondents admitted their error, that the kitchen utensils - the guarantor of the safety of money. And that while all have long known that thieves love to manage for a while in the kitchen is not only a thief. Often, they also clean up the food reserves and even leave behind traces of feasts.

8. In the attic.

Not less than 10% of respondents believe that the mezzanine - the perfect place to hide the money, because there are so many things that the devil himself would break a leg. The problem is that thieves are looking at this pile of different. They simply dumped everything on the floor, quickly pereschupayut all suspicious items one by one and carefully inspect the already empty mezzanine for the cache. In fact, it is just a small box on the ceiling ... option will only work if the burglar would be a beginner or just in a hurry.

9. In the video, audio and home appliances.

If thieves are too lazy to disassemble the equipment in place, it is possible that they will carry the money together with the technique. Besides, there are cases when the owners themselves or burned vystiryvali their savings, forgetting about the cache.

10. Under the floorboards and behind the wallpaper.

Such a radical method uses only 4% of honest citizens. Nevertheless, there is a chance that at some time there and will not reach "guest." A professional start rattling the floors and walls in the last turn.


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