To hide the money in the apartment

I want to show you some interesting places in the apartment, where you can hide money and valuables that no one will find, besides you of course :)

1 Removing the robot electric money

While it may seem that the thieves are not compatible with common sense (after all, they just take the money instead to make their hard labor!), In fact it is not. None of the attacker, for example, will not knowingly risk their lives. Therefore valuables most logical hiding places where you yourself are afraid to stick his hands in fear of death or injury. Trap or neighbor's wife satisfy these conditions, but there's an easier hiding place - the socket! Turn off electricity to the apartment and remove the plastic cover from the socket. Beneath it is sure to be a hole in the wall, full wire-threatening. Among them it is possible to hide the money and compromising your psychotropic drugs. If the hole is large enough, there is even a place to stay the chain hamster guarding the stash! Only consider that the things that you hide in the socket should not conduct current. Any treasure it would be good just in case, wrap a rubber glove.

+ Mail sacred horror of the outlets are experiencing girls. So what better place for a secret night sandwich, dirty socks or sentimental souvenirs left by your ex, do not find.
 - If you have completely no knowledge of electrical engineering, the risk to arrange a circuit still very large.

It seems that you are biting

If you have already joined the ranks of the few lucky ones in an apartment where there is a toilet, - I think you are almost ready acquired cache. And we do not mean the banal cistern because this "safe" refers to the number of checked - in the sense that thieves check it first. No, look deeper. If you remove the lid of the tank (check at the same time, there is not any money there from the previous owners of the apartment), then under it will in most cases water. On its surface will hang float - plastic pear on a stick that controls the ebb and flow of water in the reservoir. Turn off the water and decisive movement Unscrew the float. In your hands will be a good container the size of a fist, can accommodate a twisted bundle of money or, for example, spare fist. Shove bills for one through a narrow hole - a troublesome activity. Therefore, we propose to cut float, fill it with treasures and seal the seam with superglue. And even better - make it lighter or a soldering iron is not too hot.

+ The beauty of cache that thieves certainly look into the cistern, and when they are convinced that the money is not glued inside the tape, return the cover and will no longer be its lift (usually they do not have much time to check every potential hiding place twice ).
 - The treasure will be difficult to reach when they need you most urgently (for example, if the thieves are caught still your house and start torturing a soldering iron, begging to give them money). In addition, there is a risk to spoil the float or decrease its displacement, having stopped work bowl.

Pipe nowhere

Writer detectives F. Dürrenmatt used to say, they say, if you want to hide a tree - hiding it in the woods. If we extrapolate this advice, you get the money you need to hide the money from other (which would have to borrow from friends). However, do not understand Dürrenmatt literally. He just wanted to say the least striking that does not disturb the natural environment. What did you used to see in the bathroom? A stack of dirty magazines, summer tires, but, more importantly, the pipe. They naturally fit into the interior closet or bathroom that no one would ever think to count the pipe or to wonder why they are here, and where they are going. And this is your trump card. Find somewhere (in a landfill or in a store) pipe, similar to those that are laid in your apartment. Take a suitable scrap and hide valuables inside it. Mount the then present it in parallel tube - for example, the one that goes from the sink to the main highway, or those on which there are valves, shut off the water. Best place for a cache to find.

+ When you change the value of property is easily transported with the pipe and hide in the new place.
 - If you will pick up somewhere amnesia cache is unlikely to help you find even professional detectives.

In the wilds of foam

Arrange caches in padded sofas and chairs people guessed long ago. Thieves in turn, have guessed that people guessed about it. Therefore, they are often removed from the furniture and upholstery look, whether in the padded hole with treasure. If it does not find trim neatly nailed in place (just kidding, of course, to do nothing more to thieves - to nail trim). Deceive everyone! Not only take away from the sofa cover, but, and take part of the foam. Then cut a hole in the part, which is not visible at first view. Or done a blade slot prosun my hand and cut deeply into the cache array foam. When you pull the hand (one would have to do it, otherwise thieves to guess that padded something to eat, if you're sitting there), the edges of the slit closeness - and the cache will be out of reach. A nail trim can be with a conventional stapler. Or with the help of the ordinary.

+ If the value hide near the surface, you can always make sure they're in place, just poelozit on the couch.
 - Sometimes it does not foam stuffed sofas and a small rubbish, which breaks down the entire apartment, you only remove the upholstery. And in cardboard boxes that replace seat majority bachelors, hidden value at all uncomfortable.

Magnetic front

One of the few hiding places (one of the two, to be honest), which can be fitted even in an unfamiliar place. For example, in a hotel room or a bank vault. One condition: at your disposal is to be a refrigerator. Optionally runs - come not plugged into the model. All you need - it's the door. The magnets that hold it closed, usually encased in a rubber sheath. Unbend it and vzrezh razor blade in an inconspicuous place. Part of the magnets can be easily removed (they are usually divided into segments, and if not, a soft material is easy to crumble or break bare hands). The door will remain closed - to fix it, and enough half magnets. In the resulting rubber groove can be easily folded to hide the notes, columns of activated charcoal tablets and other small items.

+ Refrigerator, perhaps the only appliance that burglar rarely endure because of his size.
 - If they did carry away it, it is unlikely to be able to use the stolen items, so they are well hidden. It is doubly insulting. Neither myself nor the people.

Saber curtains

Another cache, which can often be found even in the hotel - ledge for the curtains in the bathroom. Usually this is the tube with rings hollow. Remove it easier if you have at least one hand. Also, it is easy to remove the rubber knob. See to it that valuable thing in diameter was smaller than the tube cornice. The fact that it does not fit, not so bad. In the end, out of the money can be cut into circles, which are easy to fit on the ledge. Worse, if the thing slip to the middle of the tube and it stuck. Then the thieves have cut the cornice - and you do not want once again to bother people with and without time to spare?

+ On the ledge you can hang a curtain. It draws the, when you're taking a shower, and the floor will no longer collect these horrible puddle!
 - If the handset will not hollow and solid, it would have to ream drill. Well, if that happens in the hotel - there you can always ask for a drill at the reception. But where a normal person to take a drill at home?

Green and fluffy

Now that you have in the fridge still kept the corpse, a small inconspicuous saucepan with a filling is unlikely to attract attention. So it hide your valuables! If the dish is opaque and unattractive, the object lying on the floor and wrapped in plastic, it would be difficult to notice. Ideal - forget the pot for so long that its contents had time top covered with mold. Squeamish - a powerful deterrent.

+ Add to pan with the opaque meal (soup, mashed potatoes, coca-cola) can hide anything for a couple of seconds. So if you have in the refrigerator or on the stove always something there, the search never finds you unprepared.
 - If thieves in your apartment vlezut hungry, they can carry along with products.

Last overexcitement

Metal edging end of the countertop, or as it is called normal people, "is the garbage that is at the table side" is good not only because it leaves the tightening clothes. With proper skill, you can hide behind it different right things. For example, the magazine (only hide it after reading this paragraph, and that then you will not know where to look). Unscrew the edging with an ordinary screwdriver. Drills do in exposing the end of a few holes. With narrow jigsaw or even a file Liquidate bridges between the holes - they are usually made of easily verifiable material. When you're done, at your disposal will be a great narrow pencil case, the depth of which is limited only by your requests (and partly the size of the original table). It should be edging back into place - and the contents of the canister will be hidden from prying eyes. Voila!

+ The end is unscrewed, as a rule, at the kitchen table. This means that the cache will last you for five years, or ten: kitchen sets are updated less frequently than other furniture.
 - To reach the cache is easy, but you have to always have on hand a screwdriver. So you have to pick her up at the neighbor for good, or even buy.


A variation on the theme of the cache already described above - decoy outlet. Rather than delve into the wires, risking their lives, just do a box made of plywood (or stolen from his nephew finished birdhouse and otpili roof), formed in her valuables and immure the wall. Outside Screw the wall plate for outlet. All fake ready! For the blind can even plug it in the device, which almost do not use - for example, vacuum cleaner, iron, or the electric chair.

+ Decoy outlet deters better than this, but it has an even greater capacity.
 - Hole for a box is good to lay on the stage of repair. Pick out the wires from the ready-made sockets - a troublesome activity. In addition, you can once realized it, why do you not work one of the outlets. You will begin to repair it - and feel stupid.

Each igolochkoj pleases

If you are one of those people who keep your computer near the cactus in the hope that they will save them from harmful radiation, is, first, you're the victim of the myth. And secondly, do you have another almost ready cache. Pull the cactus from the pot, scour the earth around its roots. Do not be afraid to hurt him! Cacti can be a time to do without the root, so if you tear off a couple, nothing terrible will happen. Now Cut out the core from the bottom of the cactus. If you do not grinpisovets latency, this is not difficult. Hide the money in and then dug cactus in a pot. Thieves may come to mind to poke the ground probe. But contact with the cactus itself is unlikely to be. Thieves do not like pets.

+ Cacti come in different shapes and sizes, and their abundance in the apartment hardly anyone will confuse. So what are you hiding in cactus If desired, you can do everything, including cactuses smaller!
 - Because of frequent trouble with thorns pricked your fingers are so friends suspect in you or the addict, an exhibitionist, or paranoid, often give blood from a finger.

Man in a Case

As we have already written, to get rid of unwanted dead body will not be difficult if you have a pair of hand-vultures. But what if they do not, and the body, on the contrary, is there? Or, say, if you want to equip a secret refuge for themselves or simply to hide a big thing? In this case, you will either chest or standing cabinet with drawers. All put forward and carefully remove the back wall. Then Shorten them with a hacksaw or jigsaw (if there are external boxes tin runners, shorten them, too, drank from the middle of a piece). Then fasten the place of the rear wall. Insert boxes back to chest, skeleton hidden behind them. Now, if someone would poke in the chest, he will have a feeling that short boxes - it's a strange whim derevschika. Do not otpili accidental catches that do not give rise box entirely. Otherwise, thieves quickly reveal the secret and will laugh at you.

+ If you have a large chest of drawers imaginary short can hide even Rubens and sometimes his nudes, not to mention the stack of dirty magazines.
 - To pull out things from the cache is much more difficult than putting them in there, so they often use its contents you are unlikely to succeed. And even if you hide a little thing, all the boxes will have to be shortened - of different lengths can throw the thief in the eye.

The ceiling features

Why are you not previously started in his apartment false ceiling? Now you'll have to skip this step and remain forever in the dark, that things may be hiding there. After all, between the sheets of plasterboard ceiling and the real is always more or less narrow slit. Shepherd there, let's not go down, but the valuables taken from murdered gay men, it is possible to store in the ceiling. One secret: plasterboard is not selling, if advance put on a sheet of plywood, and already on plywood - a box or a stack of money. Weight is distributed over a larger area, and the ceiling did not collapse. Access to cache the easiest way to get through the hole for the chandelier. If it is too small for you (for example, you want to put his head into the cache, and make sure to keep it content), you can expand the hole. But, you know, so it will be easier to see. By the way, a lamp, which you then again shut up a hole, you can smear on the edges of the white toothpaste - it will create the illusion that the ceiling whitewashed after installing chandeliers and walled it tightly. The effect will be even better than a number of pinned notes "There is no hiding place, a chandelier walled tightly."

+ Most halogen lamps easy to get out of their sockets, allowing you instant access to the cache.
 - Ideally, the cache should be planned at the stage of repairs, otherwise the gap will surely prove too narrow, and put a plywood under the heavy object can only be a neighbor of the apartment above. And then there is only a pre-disassembled floor.



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