To hide the money in the apartment

I want to show you some interesting places in the apartment, where you can hide money and valuables that no one will find, besides you of course :)

1 Removing the robot electric money

While it may seem that the thieves are not compatible with common sense (after all, they just take the money instead to make their hard labor!), In fact it is not. None of the attacker, for example, will not knowingly risk their lives. Therefore valuables most logical hiding places where you yourself are afraid to stick his hands in fear of death or injury. Trap or neighbor's wife satisfy these conditions, but there's an easier hiding place - the socket! Turn off electricity to the apartment and remove the plastic cover from the socket. Beneath it is sure to be a hole in the wall, full wire-threatening. Among them it is possible to hide the money and compromising your psychotropic drugs. If the hole is large enough, there is even a place to stay the chain hamster guarding the stash! Only consider that the things that you hide in the socket should not conduct current. Any treasure it would be good just in case, wrap a rubber glove.

+ Mail sacred horror of the outlets are experiencing girls. So what better place for a secret night sandwich, dirty socks or sentimental souvenirs left by your ex, do not find.
 - If you have completely no knowledge of electrical engineering, the risk to arrange a circuit still very large.

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