I never would have guessed to hide money that way! 7 best ideas for home caches ...

Each of us is worried about their savings and chooses at its discretion place to store them. Some hide their savings under the mattress and in cupboards, others under carpets and in the service. But few people know that this is not the most reliable place to store money

Today, our editors will teach you, how to hide money No one calls on stored such large sums of money, but a little nest egg you can easily hide.

Where to keep money
The comb hair
This trick will be a great boon for those who travel. Just take off the soft rubber base comb and you will see that beneath it is still enough room for a small cache.

In the belt for trousers
Their design is the most diverse, so not all belts will result in the undertaking. Before long the trip is to dig into the locker room to find the appropriate accessories. Belt with a hiding place for the money, surrounded by your torso will be completely invisible to outsiders.

The drive
To date, progress has reached the point that few people already using this device. So you can safely store notes in an embedded drive on his laptop.

In the cavity of the cornice
To make a cache in this place, enough to remove the cap or decorative tip with a cornice. It is unlikely that attackers will climb through the windows in search of money.

The doors
The all-rounder will not be difficult to make such a cache! Its location is almost impossible to guess. Also a great place to store notes will doorframe.

The baseboard
Just remove the side cover from the plinth and you'll see that there is enough space for the organization of the cache.

The Wall
To create this mini-safe, most likely, it will be necessary to attract artists. But the result is worth it! We need to try hard to find a hiding place.

But the place where the glance each attacker refrigerators, trash cans cereals, teapots, dishes, gas stove, cistern, clothes pockets, books, under the mattresses and carpets, in the pillows and boxes of underwear, including shoes <. br>
We wish you a richer every day and save their savings in safe places! Do not forget to share this useful information with your friends.


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