10 smart ideas for storing things in the house: useful to all Housewives!

Over time, each of us begins to notice that the house is sorely lacking space for storage of household appliances and bulky devices. That litter does not become another reason for family quarrels, we offer you 10 unusual ideas which will help to restore order in the house.

Cleaning and order in the house
  1. Ironing boards — extremely large fixture. To hide her from prying eyes, it is enough to build a Board in a cupboard or drawer.

  2. The same can be done with the dryer.

  3. Often we try to buy powerful appliances. But what to do in a small apartment? Edition "Website" offers to hide bulky vacuum cleaner for the seat.

  4. The washing machine can be hidden by making her one of the kitchen cabinets. You can also buy a special Cabinet for a washing machine mounted on a sink. This is an incredibly handy tool will save precious space in the bathroom.

  5. Drawers is the best idea for storing small appliances! Show this idea to your man, he will certainly help you in organizing the kitchen space.

  6. Using a special attachment, you can hide the TV right into the wall. Such a design will allow to integrate the modern technique, even in the most difficult and unusual interior.

  7. To hide the wires from your computer, you can use a small container.

  8. Why not store the products beautiful? Let elegant shelves for vegetables will become a unique element of your interior.

  9. Tired of scattered things? Keep them by the method Marie Kondo! So this woman knows a lot about cleaning.

  10. Home cleaning utensils lying everywhere? Clean up at home using a special device for mounting the brooms and mops.

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