The moon: why and where to wear. Fashion-forward shoes, which definitely will not freeze!

Frosty snow winter pleases us with lots of favorite holidays, gives a sense of wonder and happiness. But this season, alas, it's hard to look like a million, because ice and snow drifts don't walk like a Queen. You either break a leg or catch a cold good.

Smart people long ago invented warm fur shoes. She's perfectly warm and gives the feeling of comfort. But it can be very hard to ruin your appearance, and in the eyes of men make you look like a bear.

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Edition «Site» tell you what combination of boots, Rovers and other fur shoes to it looked attractive.

Winter shoes — 2017
  1. Moon boots in a
    Fashion-forward this season! Once an inventive Italian designer Giancarlo Zanatta decided to join the blown ski boots shoes American astronauts. The result is unusual, fashionable and very comfortable. In high moon, tightly clasping the eggs, no snow drifts and blizzards are not terrible. Four million six hundred six thousand nine hundred twenty four

    Such shoes can be worn with tucked in jeans or thick wool pants. Elements of sport fashion here can be very useful. Try to include in the image sweater skier became popular this year. Will also fit turtleneck with zipper. The Rovers are not compatible with the coat, but light and warm parks pretty well.

    To give a feminine, razbaby your bow a small bright bag and a large scarf.
    Forty nine million two hundred nineteen thousand nine hundred sixty seven

  2. Ugg boots
    They have several years solidly on the fashion Olympus. In men, they evoke associations with the animal world, but women are also faithful to this warm winter boots. I advise you to abandon the boring classical models of red color, acquiring absolutely killed the middle of winter, and look at more interesting options. Pay attention to uggs black complemented by lace-up and shoes for Hiking. The comfort is the same, but look more dignified. Remember: do not wear them with dresses and skirts, only jeans and tight pants stracheyi. No exception. Another failed winter blend iscoat and ugg boots. Just give up on this combination.

    And Yes, ugg boots in crystals, studs, flowers and leopard spots is also better to throw away or give to the poor.
    Eighty seven million four hundred twenty seven thousand one hundred thirty three

  3. Blown boots
    In warm, weightless inflated boots and dog through the snow drifts to jump, and friends snow battle suit, and with a child on a sled ride. Yes, this model is the least attractive, but with a cool exaggerated jacket, jeans or pants with stripes and some unusual accessory it is possible to make simultaneously comfortable and beautiful image.
    Sixty nine million seven hundred sixty six thousand four hundred five

  4. Timberlands
    These massive boots worn by both women and men, many people know. Actually, nothing surprising in this — more comfortable shoes for winter I can't even imagine. Unlike their soft counterparts, the shoes brand Timberland and the quality of copies, more flexible from the point of view of compatibility with dresses or skirts. In addition, they are excellent combined with sheepskin a variety of styles: whether it's a warm biker jacket or bright red sheepskin knee. The option of timbs win-win.
    Eleven million six hundred eighty six thousand five hundred seventy eight

You can always find a middle ground. Any shoes and clothes can be advantageous to combine. The main thing — not to be guided by imagination, and intelligence.

Choose warm shoes and not merznu in the winter! Share your tips with friends!

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