Robbery of Hollywood stars

Yesterday, the foreign press reported that the home of the famous socialite Paris Hilton in Malibu tried to rob. It happened during a party before leaving for Paris to Ibiza. Her house has penetrated a group of girls and made it personal belongings of celebrities. However, suspicious girls eventually noticed some of the party guests. Maiden "gang" was frightened and threw all the stolen goods. Paris also did not write statements to the police, saying that for such it is already used. Although after still stated that strengthen the protection of the estate. And no wonder, since it is already the seventh house theft stars. Thus, in 2008 and 2009 thieves have learned from her house jewelery and designer clothes at a total cost of two million dollars. And once thieves even tried to pick a favorite dog known party girl.

Robbery star homes - it is not rare. And Paris Hilton is not the only victim among Hollywood celebrities. After all, the star property encroach not only professional thieves, but the fans and the Restless. Yes, and things celebrities have increased value due to the star status of the host. We remembered the loudest cases of robberies of Hollywood stars.


1. Julianne Moore. Was robbed at 127 000 $.


From the New York home of red-haired actress robbers were made jewelry Giuliani quite a tidy sum. At the request of the actress, she stole ten luxury goods, of which seven of her favorite Cartier. So among the stolen jewelry has four Cartier watches worth $ 78,000, and a platinum bracelet with diamonds worth 33 000 $.

2. Kate Moss. Was robbed of more than 100,000 pounds.


One night in 2010 in the London house supermodel climbed thieves. What is interesting in the house itself were then Kate, her boyfriend and her mother. But the robbers worked so quietly that none of them woke up. Thieves carried out of the house works of art, among which was a very valuable portrait of the artist Banksy.

3. Monica Bellucci. Was robbed at 112 000 $.

In 2009 Italian film star was robbed while she was traveling with her husband Vincent Cassel. From their Paris apartment thieves stole a lot of jewelry, all equipment and even passport actress.

4. Rachel Bilson. Was robbed at 130 000 $.


In 2009, Rachel robbed one of the gang "robbers celebrities" in question in the last Sofia Coppola "the elite of society." While the young star is spending his vacation in Canada with her lover Hayden Christensen thieves came to her "visit" as much as 6 times. As a result, wardrobe actress was completely devastated. The robbers carried designer handbags, clothing, jewelry and a large collection of shoes.

5. Courtney Love. Was robbed at 100 000 $.

Scandalous star was robbed in 2001. This happened in Canada, followed by Courtney even said chtonogi it will no longer be in Vancouver. Then from her room at the thieves have taken out all her jewelry: rings and diamond bracelets from various suitors singer. But the biggest loss, of course, was the wedding ring that gave Courtney a cult leader of the group "Nirvana" Kurt Cobain.

6. Lindsay Lohan. Was robbed at a 130 000 $.

Lindsay Lohan has also become "star victim of" all the same gang of thieves in Los Angeles. Teens broke into her house once, but immediately taken out of jewelry and clothing for 130 thousand dollars.

7. Victoria Beckham. Was robbed at 70,000 $.


In December 2007, in Germany at one of the concerts reunited «Spice Girls» robbers invaded the dressing room of Victoria. Thieves took away all the jewels of the singer, red dress from Roberto Cavalli and two pairs of shoes cost about 11 $ 5,000 each.

8. Orlando Bloom. Was robbed at 500 000 $.


While the British actor was in New York, his home also penetrated adolescents robbers. They made their way to the apartment through a window stars. Thieves prey began a few hours Rolex, designer handbags, clothing actor and all his jewels.


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