Facts of Life David Duchovny

Today, August 7, her birthday celebrates one of the most eccentric and "horny" actors - David Duchovny. Someone loved him, Agent Mulder, and someone won him Hank Moody, but he and the other - his super popular heroes are distinguished by their own peculiar charm only to them, the same as the actor himself. But the cast of his mission, he learned not at once. Good finishing school, David immediately enrolled at Princeton University in the Faculty of Education. Then he dreamed of becoming a writer and someone just not earned to pay for their education. And he managed to graduate from the university with a twinkle, and then attend graduate school at Yale University. But becoming a master of English literature and is ready to defend his thesis for a doctorate in philosophy on "Magic and Technology in Contemporary Poetry and Prose", David suddenly "fired up" theater.

Career in television began trivial. With advertising. Attractive young man was invited to submit a beer Löwenbräu. And two years later, David Lynch himself praising the talent and thirst for ekstsentrki Duchovny, invited him to the role of transvestite in three episodes of the series "Twin Peaks." Further, where he liked Zalman King and hit the "Red Shoe Diaries", after which it was already close to the "X-Files" and world fame. And the famous "Californication" cemented his reputation as one of the most attractive and sexy women's favorite actors. By David birthday we picked the most interesting facts of his life.

1. As a child, David had three dogs and four cats. His dog named Blue has appeared in an episode of "The X-Files».

2. His father was originally a Jew from Poland and her mother has Scottish roots.

3. David loves to read, play basketball, run and swim. His favorite band - The Rolling Stones, his favorite musical styles - funk and disco.

4. The actor knows Latin, French and Hebrew.

5. She loves Russian literature.

6. He became the only actor who has received the "Golden Globe" as best drama ("The X-Files") and comedy ("Californication") actor.

7. David was first married in 1997, at the age of 37 years on the big love after a four-month romance. He is married with Tea Leoni in the chapel at the school, where for many years before David's mother taught.

8. Two years after the wedding the couple had a daughter Madeleine West Duchovny, and another three son - Kyd Miller.

9. After the birth of her daughter actor got a tattoo in her honor. A ten-year anniversary of their wedding, David and Tea have done the same tattoo on the ring finger.

10. But in 2008, the couple announced that at the time wanted to leave. The reason for the gap was incorrect David. And it is to keep the family voluntarily went to hospital treatment for sex addiction. It helped, but, alas, not for long - in 2011, the couple have signed the divorce document, maintain friendly relations.


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