Attention is wanted Batman!

Superheroes unite to fight evil, not only in "The Avengers." For the production of preparing the sequel to "Man of Steel", where Superman to fight alongside Batman. Here are Christian Bale, Bruce Wayne embodied in the trilogy, "The Dark Knight" to take part in a new adventure of man-bat is not intended. This weekend it was announced that Zack Snyder began searching for a new Batman. As practice shows, essential actors in Hollywood is not so a whole galaxy of beautiful, talented and wonderful middle-aged men lined up to Zack Snyder to get the coveted role. The release of the tape is scheduled for 2015, but who will be the new Batman? Let's look at potential candidates.

According to the convention Comic-Con 2013, the plot of the film will be based on Snyder's graphic novel A. Miller, "The Return of the Dark Knight", published in the 80s. In the story, Bruce Wayne as an adult returns to Gotham, where he will meet with Superman, who works for the government.

Ryan Gosling (32)

Despite his rather young age, Gosling is one of the most likely candidates to Batman. Charismatic, attractive, talented. No one doubts arise about his acting ability, only whether Ryan to find time for the project Snyder when only recently announced his own directorial debut?

Michael Fassbender (36)

Fassbender would be the perfect Bruce Wayne, besides and experience with comics there - in the universe X-Men actor played the main antagonist. But due to the high demand for an artist of his possible involvement of a big question - in 2012 was announced the film "Assassin's Creed" of the cult video game, Assassin's Creed and the main role was intended for it to Michael, but for now officially Fassbender is the only producer of the tape, and play Is he - is unknown.

Josh Brolin (46 years) 58,950,132

This candidate is perfect for age, external data and is interested in the role. In addition, Brolin has long worked with Warner Bros. Pictures, and even worked with Arthur Miller himself for the second part of the anthology «Sin City».

Joe Manganiello (36)

The star of the series "True Blood" was one of the candidates for the role of Clark Kent in "Man of Steel", and taking into account the interest they Zack Snyder is probably Jo - a serious competitor in the battle for Batman's cape. the main task - organic look in clothing, because most of the screen time Manganiello bares his perfect torso.

Luke Evans (34)

Luke Evans is a suitable candidate for Snyder, as well as Henry Cavill until the image of Superman, Luke can not boast of high-profile roles. In the second part of "Fast and the Furious" Evans perfectly embodied the villain, so it was his name on a regular pop-up film festivals in the discussion continued, "Man of Steel».

Anson Mount (40)

Another favorite of the fans. Anson, according to Comiskey fans will be able to adequately replace Christian Bale, once he no longer wants to play Batman. Although there is no official information, Anson warmly thank everyone who considers him the best candidate for the role of Wayne in his Twitter.

Matthew Goode (35)

Hood has experience of cooperation with Snyder - in 2009, the actor was part of the team "Guardians." Since Batman - The representative of the World DC Comics, Matthew participated in another project about superheroes is considered unlikely, but apparently the man is consistent with the canonical image of gothic character in a mask and cape.

Meanwhile, casting continues ...


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