Dodgy philosophy

Once it so happened that a follower of Nagarjuna, one of the greatest mystics, who gave birth to India, his boundless being implemented - the world disappeared. Then there were the followers, and followers - it is always up, because they do not try to enter the real and not refuse to accept the Master's words at face value.
And one of those followers was a great philosopher and debater. He proved in many ways that there is no peace. The king of the country called him, because his name and reached the palace, and said:
- Do you really think that the world is unreal? Think twice, because I am a dangerous man, I am not a man of words, I'm a man of action. And I will do something that will prove to you that the world is real. So think twice before you speak.
The man said:
- This is not an issue to think twice. I thought a million times and I have all the evidence that the world is unreal.
But the philosopher did not know what is going to make a king. And it was a mad elephant, which led into the courtyard, and there was also thrown philosopher. He began to scream and run, and a mad elephant ran after him, caught him, and at this point the philosopher king shouted:
- Save me! The elephant is real, I take back my statement.
He was saved. Philosopher shaking, sweating, was beaten and wounded in many places. When he came to himself, the king summoned him and asked again:
- What do you say now?
He replied:
- The world is unreal.
- What do u mean? Just at that moment, when the elephant was going to kill you, you said that the world is real. Now you changed again?
- Elephant man, approval - all this is unreal. Elephant, elephant frenzy, the man you see before you a man who claimed that the world is real - everything is unreal.
The king said:
- Then I'll get mad elephant again.
A philosopher said:
- Then the same thing happens again, I will say that it - really. But what can I do?


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