Inside you

There was a man with all his heart devoted to the Buddha. He had a fine old wooden Buddha statue, a real masterpiece. He treated her as the greatest treasure.
One cold winter night, he was alone in a thatched hut. Was freezing cold. Man in despair shaking from the cold. It seemed that it comes the hour of death. There was no chips to build a fire.
It is said that at midnight, when he, trembling, almost stiff, appeared before him and asked the Buddha:
- Why do not you sozhzhёsh me?
Wooden statue everything just stood by the wall. The man was very scared. "It must be the devil," - he thought.
- What did you say? Burn Buddha statue? Never! No way!
Buddha laughed and said:
- If you see me in the statue, you're missing me. I am in you, not in the statue. I am not the subject of prayer, an object, I worshipers. And I shudder to you! Burn article!


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