Reasoning about happiness.

Socrates once appealed to the people with the question:
- What is the most important thing in life?
Surrounded by his people began to express their views on this issue. One of them said:
- The most important thing in life - it's great.
Another said:
- The most important thing - is to have a good slozhёnnoe body to be attractive and enjoy success with women.
And another said:
- The most important thing - it is to have money and position in society.
After express everything they asked Socrates:
- What do you think about this?
Socrates said:
- I think the most important thing in life - happiness! What do you think, is it required any person who has health, will be happy in life?
Listen to his people said:
- No, Socrates, it is not necessarily.
- A man with a well-built body and is popular with women, be sure to be happy in life?
- No, Socrates! And it is not necessary - people responded.
- Then tell me - Socrates continued, - a man with a lot of money and position in society, is always happy?
- No, Socrates, - meet people - rather the contrary. Such people are often lonely.
-And What type of people listed here, you find the most worthy? - Kept asking Socrates. - Imagine that you need a doctor's advice. To what doctor you go? It is very rich, having a position in society, well-built, having success with women, or do you prefer a doctor who is happy in this life?
All participants unanimously declared that seek the advice of a doctor who is happy in life, because they recognize his most worthy.
- So, - Socrates announced - we all unanimously agreed that happiness is the highest good, and it should work, as the most important in this life.


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