6 simple experience for children, bordering magic

Make it so that the children saw in you a wizard, very easy. One need only sleight of hand and boundless imagination. Everything else will do the science.

Website gathered for you 6 elementary scientific experiments, which will surely make your kids believe in miracles.

Experience number 1

We need a package on "lightning", water, food color blue, extra hands and a little imagination.

Touch up a small amount of water dripped into her 4-5 drops of blue food coloring.

For greater credibility on the package, you can draw the clouds and the waves, and then pour the colored water.

After the need to tightly seal the bag and using tape to stick it to the window. Result will have to wait, but worth it. Now you have your own home weather. And your children will be able to observe how rain pours right into a small sea.

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Since the Earth has a limited amount of water in it there is such a thing as the water cycle. Under warm sunshine evaporates the water in the bag, turning to steam. Cooled the top, it takes a liquid form again and falls as rain. Behind this phenomenon can be seen in the package a few days. The nature of this phenomenon is infinite.

Experience number 2

We need water, transparent glass jar with a lid (preferably authenticity), dishwashing liquid, sequins and Herculean strength.

Fill the jar with water by 3/4, add a few drops of dishwashing liquid. After a few seconds, add the dye and sequins. This will help you better see the tornado. Close the container, untwist the spiral and admire.

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When you scroll to the bank in a circular motion, you are creating a vortex of water that looks like a mini-tornado. Water quickly rotates around the center of the vortex by centrifugal force. Centrifugal force - a force within the lens or a liquid such as water, to the center of its circular path. The vortices are found in nature, but there are very scary.

Experience number 3

We need 5 small cup, 1 cup of hot water, a tablespoon, a syringe and inquisitive sweet tooth. Skittles: 2 red candies, 4 orange, yellow 6, 8 and 10 green purple.

Pour into each glass with 2 tablespoons of water. Counts down the right amount of candy and laid the glasses. Hot water will dissolve faster sweetie. If you notice that candy dissolve poorly, put the cup for 30 seconds in the microwave. Then we give the liquid to cool to room temperature.

Syringe or large fill pipette into a small jar of color, starting with the thick and dense (purple) and ending with the least dense (in red). Drip syrup to be very careful, otherwise the mix. First, better drip on the wall jars to the syrup itself slowly trickled down. As a result, you get a rainbow jam Skittles.

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You guessed it, the whole thing here in the density of the syrup. The tighter it is, the harder and therefore it settles down, while the less dense syrup "torn" to the surface.

Experience number 4

We need lemon, cotton swab, a bottle, any jewelry to your taste (hearts, sequins, beads) and the sea of ​​love.

Squeeze a little lemon juice in a glass, and dipping a cotton swab in it, write your secret message.

To show the inscription, heat it (to iron iron and hold over a fire or in the oven). Be careful not to allow children to do it.

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Lemon juice - is an organic substance which can be oxidized by (react with oxygen). When heated, it becomes brown and "burn" faster than paper. The same effect is given and orange juice, milk, vinegar, wine, honey and onion juice.

Experience number 5

We need gummi worms, baking soda, vinegar, cutting board, sharp knife, two clean glass.

Cut each into 4 pieces worm. The knife is better to pre-moisten with a little water to make marmalade is not so much stuck. Dissolve in warm water 3 tablespoons of baking soda.

Then we put our mini-worms in a solution of baking soda and wait 15 minutes. Then we get them one by one with a fork, and we shift into a glass of vinegar. They immediately start to "grow into" bubbles and dancing, "break" to the surface.

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When you put in the vinegar soaked in soda worms, acetic acid reacts with sodium bicarbonate (baking soda out). At the same time on the worms produced bubbles of carbon dioxide, which pull them to the surface, causing squirm. On the surface of the bubbles burst and worm falls to the bottom, creating new bubbles which push it up again. This will continue as long as the worm will come out all soda. For best results, use a time is about 4 worms, so that they can freely "dance" in the glass.

Experience number 6

We need one or two eggs, scotch tape, stockings, saucepan with water.

Prior to the experiments, we can enlighten the egg flashlight. It would be easy to show through. Then wrap the egg with tape - firmly and carefully.

Consider stocking and about the middle of his place the egg, which is then the two sides will be tying up properly.

Taking stocking at both ends, untwist the egg so that it rotates on its axis. Ready eggs to a miracle can determine the flashlight. When it ceases to show through, you can cook.

Scotch tape is not removed, boil an egg, from time to time turning from side to side. After 10 minutes, turn off and give to cool down and when to clean, you get here is a miracle.

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