20 simple ideas of how to turn the cottage into a paradise for children

3e306f645c.jpg Summer

many try to spend with family outdoors. And giving at this time becomes their second home. But that's only "urban" children often get bored there.

< Website gathered 20 great ideas that will help the guys interesting and fun to relax in the country.

Large board c8cdb4064f.jpg drawing

Many children love to draw. But more often than they do at home. Why sit in a stuffy room, when the street wonderful weather! How to please the young artist, you will learn here.

Sandbox under an umbrella 42ebcbd6c0.jpg

Without the sandbox probably does not do any one playground. Especially for those who love polepit kulichiki and build fabulous castles, there are instructions on how to make such a sandbox.

Kitchen of ea3192f079.jpg Pallet

Little girls often play hostesses. If they are to please such a wonderful suite, the delight is not exactly be the limit! As simple pallet to make a kitchen, tell here.

Board for experiments 55f3e2823a.jpg

Without the experience young discoverers certainly can not do. Workout for the mind, and besides, and fun! When lit up this stunt - you here.

Magic wigwam 115c20bafe.jpg

This luxurious lodge will appeal to all children! On a hot day it scary and spend half a day - not exactly napechet head. Experience you can learn here.

Unusual hammock b78595ba47.jpg

Who are the children do not like to fool around, or simply lie in a hammock! We think there is no such. If you have no trees - no problem. Here are instructions for those who want to make a hammock.

Climbing wall b9be1acb6c.jpg

It is time to break away from the boring plates and conquer height. Physical education in the fresh air - what could be more useful? The secret of how to make a rock-climbing wall, there are divided.

Street screen f367d20d93.jpg

Cartoons, fairy tales, family movie - how cool to watch them in the open air summer evening! Read more here.

Water trampoline 92ee4b30c1.jpg

Kids love to jump. Sometimes it seems that they are ready to do it all day long. Children will appreciate here is a water trampoline, especially on hot days.

Classics of paving slabs a7157cb7fc.jpg

How fun to jump on tsiferki and play familiar to all from childhood game! Especially when you draw nothing. If you want to know the details - here you

Outdoor Shower 69a0163afe.jpg

. Sultry summer days really want to take a shower. Toddlers, and older kids will appreciate exactly this idea. Here they share their experience.

Swing tire 717f3b14fa.jpg

That's so funny swing will be decoration of any plot. Kids just do not bypass their attention!

House for Princess db0e6b8939.jpg

Little Princess is sure to be something to do: and doll play, and read books, and dream quietly. The idea found here.

Winged swing 4c5c975a26.jpg

It captures the spirit from any on such a swing. So cool and at the same time easy! The manufacturing process for those who here and here.

Music fence 5f1887764a.jpg

Physical education physical education, and sing and work out the music, too, want. With this orchestra can even arrange concerts in the open air. Details here.

For gatherings 6bc2d06288.jpg

After the run about, you can sit, relax, play board games. Outdoors it is also a wonderful appetite. So that such a set will serve a triple service. The idea will find here.

To-wire 9dfe336c3c.jpg

Several textile slings, tightly strung between trees at different heights - and future acrobats would be happy to spend their training here. Like the idea of ​​sharing here.

Fairy garden 3b7cb632f4.jpg

Take a look here: Why, it's the whole kingdom! The child can play here, and wonderful, and demonstrate their abilities of the young gardener (you can plant flowers). Great idea! You can learn here.

Highway dreams 3dfe815c97.jpg

Do you think this compares to Highway something! Children will forget what boredom is, if you make them similar. Help here.

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