17 cool things for kids that are really created for parents

Children is fun and difficult at the same time. Some parents — part-time designers and inventors, so there are wonderful devices which our mothers and grandmothers, and could not dream.

The website gathered together the coolest things that make a parent's life much easier.

Glowing balls

With these balls for children who are scared, not scared to sleep or walk to the bathroom during the night.

Smart changing Mat

This Mat detects weight changes and growth of the child's diet and daily routine. Parents can see all the numbers in the app on your smartphone.

Compact stroller

Unfolded it is a regular stroller, but if its folded, it fits easily in a backpack. It weighs only 4 kg and has got into the Guinness Book of records as the most compact in the world.

Translator of children's crying

App Infant Cries Translator with an accuracy of 92% 4 identifies the reasons why a newborn baby cries from hunger, from pain, because he wants to sleep or has a wet diaper. Over time, the accuracy decreases, but even at 4 months she is 77 %. For application development, the creators analyzed 200 000 records with the cries of newborn children.

Camptogramma bottle

This bottle allows you to warm formula or milk in any conditions without electricity and wires. Heating occurs for 4 minutes, using disposable cartridge, which contains only salt and water. Maximum temperature is 37 °C.

Bracelet security

A lost child — can be a nightmare for parents. The problem is solved by using a gadget similar to a wrist watch and associated with the application on the smartphone. It determines the coordinates of the child, and if he goes out of range program, warning signal. You can also connect to the application to all Trustees.


Thermometer-sticker allows you to measure the temperature of a sick child, not forcing him to lie still for 3 minutes without disturbing its sleep. The thermometer is glued directly on the skin and accurately measures temperature. If the temperature rises, the device informs parents via an app on your smartphone. It also keeps statistics of temperature changes.

Smart toothbrush

This toothbrush is able to connect to a smartphone via bluetooth and displays every movement in 3D. For each correct movement, the child receives points and prizes, and brushing teeth into an exciting game.

Knee pads

For a baby taking its first steps, the world is full of obstacles — from pebbles to rough rugs. Knee pads protect delicate baby knees from bruises and scratches.

Game plates

Plates that turn lunch into a game, we need moms who are tired of "Not hochuuuuuu!"


This device — a hybrid spoon and bottle, which is convenient to use while traveling or on a walk. If the child does not finish his portion, enough to cover food with a lid and save until next time.


This pacifier teether can be kept in the refrigerator and washed in the dishwasher. It affects the entire gum line simultaneously, and the simple design eliminates unnecessary cracks, which can be inhabited by microbes.

Sound projector

This projector will help your baby to fall asleep. It shows magic pictures on the ceiling to the soothing sounds or gentle lullabies.

Feeding system

Your child eats nothing but candy? Then we fly to you. Feeding system from the bib with the lights and the spoons-plane with the signal lights will help to feed the baby even broccoli puree.

Clothing with activity monitor

Clothing with activity monitor and breathing relieves parents from having to check on sleeping baby. The sensor in the form of a turtle monitors respiration, position during sleep and the room temperature and transmits data to your smartphone.

A container for toys

Frog container allows easy movement of the hand to collect the toys after a bath, to wash off the foam under the tap and fastened to the wall.


The device is to rock the baby instead of you, simulating the movement of the hand. It is sufficient to secure the device on the handle of the pram, and can safely do their business.

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