Looking at this athlete, not everyone will understand that it is different from other

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Chelsea Werner (Werner Chelsea) — 24-year-old girl with down syndrome that the parents brought in gymnastics to improve her coordination, and she, contrary to expectations, became a champion.

It all started when Chelsea was 4 years old. Parents took a clumsy girl in the gymnastics section so there she was taught to control his unruly body. And at first it seemed that in this sport, Chelsea has no future.

The girl could not pass on the log in one direction twice with it not falling. But the coach was impressed with the dedication of his new ward and soon began to help her to learn elementary gymnastic elements.

Thanks to his hard work, in 8 years Chelsea has performed at his first competition.

According to the coach, at first, the girl didn't understand what distinguishes first place from last, and why we need to collect as many points. Actually, the Special Olympics focus on it and not done (the primary purpose of these competitions is to help "special" athletes to socialize, and to identify the strongest secondary).

But when Chelsea opened the meaning of the word "competition", she was terribly disappointed that until now has never been at the top of the podium.

Then the trainer closed his eyes and to the peculiarity of his ward, and "indulgences" in the rules of Special Olympics and said Chelsea:

— If you want to succeed — work the same as the other gymnasts.

Since then, Chelsea Werner started spending in the gym 16 hours a week.

It seemed that nothing could stop Chelsea on the way to success. But in 2006, the Special Olympic Committee of Northern California adopted a decision in which Chelsea's parents had to pay for travel and training daughter.

For a long time the family budget would not be enough.

Then compatriots gymnast has created a Fund called "Chelsea Quest" to raise money for talented athletes. Thanks to the participation in promotions of thousands of people, Chelsea could become a member of the special Olympic team of your state.

No difficulties could make Chelsea Werner to give up your dreams and stop working out. This dedication has borne fruit: it has become a 4-time champion USA gymnastics among people with mental retardation and 2-time world champion.

Now Chelsea is not only gymnastics. She poses for professional photographers, try yourself in other sports areas and never miss the opportunity to show off its unusual beauty and slender figure.

Chelsea starred in a commercial for H&M and gradually began to master the podium.

Now not everyone will be able at a glance to understand that Chelsea is something wrong. And is it possible to say that something is wrong with a sporty, charming and kind girl who decided that her main goal in life is to inspire mankind to the adoption of children with down syndrome.

Chelsea socialized. And this is the main task of the Special Olympics. She makes friends in social networks, writes a post full of love and kindness, and participates in charity events.

— She is a Princess, an incredible personality, our joy — with tears of happiness in their eyes talking about Chelsea and her parents. She loves gymnastics, loves to chat and loves life.

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