The store took an unusual couple of employees who can't work without each other

Many of us are faced with the problem of employment, and sometimes the job search becomes an endless running in circles. But the administration of the Lowe's store in Abilene, Texas should be commended, because they hired a man with his dog for a very important reason.

We Website very pleased that the world does not cease to delight us with their examples of kindness and want to share with you this true story.

Luti clay (Clay Luthy) — a veteran of the air force, but it was very hard to find a job. The fact that after serving in the air force he had surgery on his knee, and a dog named Charlotte constantly accompanied him, to help if he falls. It's not just a friend, but a real support and the support of clay.

But while other companies have been unable to hire an inseparable pair, shop Lowe's took on the job of both.

Charlotte, 10-year-old Golden Retriever, is now 2 months goes to work with Luti, every day guarding it from possible contingencies. Charlotte has also issued a work vest that enthralls all visitors to the store.

Clay says that he is very grateful to his furry friend, he replaces his cane and medicines but is also spiritual company. A dog love and all the visitors, especially children, are not deprived her of his attention. Even when Charlotte gets tired and a little rest right in the middle of the aisle, all is calm around her, giving her a kind smile and words of praise.

This story is a wonderful example of true solutions to employers, and she says that kindness in this world more than it seems.

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