Steaming: fresh or useful?

A treat food, steamed, without much enthusiasm, and they can understand that choosing between a juicy kebab straight from the grill and steamed broccoli, it is difficult to make a voluntary choice in favor of green vegetable. Brew a few myself sometimes criticize even the supporters of a healthy diet – they say, cooked in a double boiler food, of course, useful, but it would be great if it also be as good as fried. Meanwhile, not too rich flavor – a common complaint that present to this method of cooking is not an essential result of roasting.



Developing the topic, started a few years ago, I want to consider cooking for a few as a method of cooking in the same grade as roasting or grilling, but more useful. I hope this article will be of interest to those who steam long to you, and to those who think that steaming is the last refuge of people faced with a difficult choice between the delicious food and their own health. How to cook steamed how to make the taste of dishes cooked in a double boiler, more vivid and rich, what stereotypes about cooking for a few it is time to scrap it – read all about it below. But will have to start with the well-known, but still vital basics.

What is steaming?Steaming is very close to conventional cooking, the only difference is that the temperature transmitter in this case is not boiling water and hot steam. Therein lies the fundamental difference between the two related methods: since steaming does not involve contact with the liquid and the dish is prepared solely by steam, it allows you to keep the products in most part of the substances contained therein is both useful and taste. If we talk about the benefits, the content of folic acid and vitamin C in foods after cooking for a couple is reduced by 15%, while in normal cooking it is reduced by 35% and 25% respectively – what can we say about other methods of heat treatment!

About the flavors, I also said: if a piece of meat or fish in a pot with boiling water, you but the finished product will be even, and the broth, in most cases, too easy to pose a serious culinary value. However, this broth is a sure sign that the flavoring compounds moved to the water, and thus, in the product itself. Often this try to avoid using boiling ready-made broth, but if a more simple method: steaming. Without a doubt, the steaming is the most delicate of the traditional culinary practices, second only to the sous vide method.

For roasting there are many different adaptations, from Chinese bamboo steamers, to modern electric instruments, however, in principle, no complicated or expensive equipment you don't need a steamer it is possible to understand with the help of a pot put it a colander that cover. This is three really a necessary component of the steamers:

  • the container, which will be boiling water;
  • stand for products, which will skip the rising vapor;
  • and cover to steam has not gone out, and circulates inside.
To cook in a couple, bring water to a boil, then put it on the cooker with food and cover in order to provide circulation of steam and uniform heating of food. Initially, steaming, like most healthy things, was invented in the East, so often used Chinese bamboo steamers, which are installed in a wok over boiling water. These steamers have multiple levels – the baskets are put one on another, so you can cook different products simultaneously. The bamboo steamer I use – besides the fact that it copes with its task, it also looks very stylish, so to serve the finished dish directly in the steamer. In addition, in the store you can buy an inexpensive metal steamer or to look more modern device – electric pressure cookers, crock pots and other devices usually have a built-in function of steaming.

There are more exotic methods of provereny, for example, products that require a particularly sensitive approach (say, the swallow's nest) placed in a ceramic vessel of water, and the vessel in turn is placed in a steamer, usually for a few hours. Needless to say that this approach – something, by the way, the predecessor of the modern technique of the sous vide – was also invented by the Chinese?..


That you can boil for a couple?

Oddly enough – almost anything! If you think that to cook for a couple only fresh vegetables, you know – in Chinese cuisine for a couple of boiled rice, fish, various dumplings and buns, and even meat. As for the dumplings, then this form of cooking has spread throughout Central Asia, it is enough to recall a few more close to us Manty, for cooking which use Martyshkino – in fact, the Chinese multistorey steamer, only slightly modified. In China or Korea, you can try the steam buns, both regular and stuffed with vegetables, pork or beef: the dough was the most common, is that without brown, for obvious reasons. In addition, Chinese cuisine offers us to cook a couple pork ribs, duck, chicken, goose, eggs, and vegetables, rice and more.

The fish, which is itself considered to be a useful product, is also often steamed in the selection of recipes that completes this article, you will find recipes for the couple as whole fish and fillets. Of course, the same can be prepared and seafood, and steamed shrimp will have a more intense flavor than boiled in water.

However, what is Asia to us? Let's take a more understandable and familiar products, say, potatoes, the same. If we are all accustomed to boiled potatoes, then European and American cooks and Housewives basically boiled it for a couple. The reasons are the same as described above in the potato remains more own taste and nutrients, which would otherwise go into the water. The same goes for other vegetables: if you don't cook the broth, there's absolutely no reason to boil the vegetables in water, not steamed. Apparently, in our country cooking steamed until recently, nobody was interested in – other intelligible reasons that vegetables for salad or Olivier we used to boil it in water, I can not assume.

Steaming not only useful, but tastyI Hope that a few turn out healthy meals, I'm already convinced. And what about the main disadvantage of provereny – pale taste of the finished products?.. Let's start with the fact that its importance is somewhat exaggerated – the dishes prepared on pair, have a more intense flavor than boiled in water, for reasons already described above. But if you will adopt a few of the tips outlined in this article will make your meals not only healthy, but delicious.

  • Experiment with herbs and spices. In such dishes their flavour comes to the fore, and to reveal the aroma of spices, they can be pre-calcined in a dry frying pan. Salt is, of course, not true, but ignore it also is not: as you know, salt has the property to enhance the flavor of flavored products.
  • Marinate foods before cooking. Add the marinade wine vinegar, soy or Worcestershire sauce, or other spices with bold flavor, you will enrich the taste of products which are planning to send a steamer.
  • Aromatizante water. Of course, to use for roasting rich soup would be a crazy extravagance, but adding in boiling water Bay leaf or dried herbs, you will prepare products fragrant pair, and this will affect the taste.
  • Finishing touches. If you frequently eat foods prepared on pair, do not neglect the sauces. The sauce does not have to be complex – mix the greens, garlic, juice and zest of lemon with olive oil or prepare pesto by adding nuts and whisking it all in a blender until smooth.
  • Cook in a sauce or marinade. This is also possible – place the fish in a deep dish, pour soy sauce, and season with ginger and green onions and place the dish in a steamer: this fish will have all the useful properties of the product, prepared on pair, but no one could blame her in a bland taste.

In conclusion we can say that in addition to most nutrients, steaming allows you to preserve fresh food: so they do not boil soft, to a lesser extent, change color, and it opens a huge scope for creativity in terms of serving the dishes to the table. In my opinion, other arguments completely superfluous: even if you are too watch out for their own health (which it is in vain), dishes prepared on pair, be sure to include in your diet. Once in a while. published

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