6 simple experiments, which is to show children

There is a very simple experiments that kids remember for life. The children may not fully understand why all this is happening, but that will take time and they will be a lesson in physics or chemistry, in memory necessarily emerge quite obvious example.

Website has collected 6 interesting experiments that children will remember. All that is needed for these experiments - at your fingertips.

Refractory sharik

You will need 2 balls, candle, matches, water.

experience Inflate the balloon and hold it over a lighted candle to show the children that fire ball burst. Then the second ball pour plain water from the tap, tie and again bring to a candle. It turns out that the water ball safely withstand a candle flame.

explanation The water in the ball absorbs the heat generated by the candle. Therefore, the ball itself will not burn, and therefore, will not burst.


You will need: plastic bag, pencils, water.

experience: Pour water into a plastic bag half. Pencil pierces through the package in the place where it is filled with water.

Explanation: If you poke a plastic bag and then pour water into it, it will spill out through the holes. But if the package is first filled half with water, and then pierce it with a sharp object so that the object has remained stuck in the package, the water flow through these holes will be almost no. This is due to the fact that when rupture of the polyethylene molecules attract it closer to each other. In this case, polyethylene is tightened around the pencil.

Color kapusta

You will need 4 cups of water, food coloring, cabbage leaves and white flowers.

experience Add the food coloring every glass of any color and put into the water one by one leaves or flowers. Leave them for the night. In the morning you will see that they were painted in different colors.

explanation Plants absorb water and thus feed their flowers and leaves. It turns out this is due to capillary action, in which the water itself tends to fill the thin tubes inside the plant. So eat and the flowers and grass, and large trees. Sucking colored water, they change color.

Floating yaytso

You will need 2 eggs, 2 cups water, salt.

experience Carefully place the egg in a glass with a simple clean water. As expected, it falls to the bottom (unless, perhaps, the egg is rotten, and not to return it in the fridge). In the second, pour a glass of warm water and stir it 4-5 tablespoons of salt. For the purity of the experiment, you can wait until the water cools down. Then dip into the water the second egg. It will float on the surface.

explanation The whole point of density. The average density of the eggs is much higher than that of plain water, so the egg goes down. A higher density of the brine, so the egg rises.

Crystal ledentsy

You will need 2 cups water 5 cups sugar, wooden sticks for a mini-barbeque, thick paper, transparent glasses, pots, food dyes.

experience A quarter cup of water cook the sugar syrup with a couple of tablespoons of sugar. Sprinkle a little sugar on paper. Then you dip a stick into the syrup and collect it saharinki. Then spread them evenly on a stick.

Leave the sticks to dry overnight. On the morning of 2 cups of water on the fire with 5 cups of sugar. 15 minutes you can leave the syrup to cool, but very cool, it should not be, otherwise the crystals will not grow. Then pour it on the banks and add different food colors. Harvested dip sticks in a jar of syrup so that they do not touch the walls and bottom of the can, this will help clothespins.

It remains to be seen to observe the process, and then - to eat grab the goodies.

explanation With the cooling of the water solubility of sugar goes down, and he begins to precipitate out and settle on the walls of the vessel and on your stick with the seeding of sugar grains.

Grilled spichka

will be needed matches, a flashlight.

experience Light a match and keep at a distance of 10-15 centimeters from the wall. Shine a flashlight at a match, and you will see that the wall is reflected only your hand and the match itself. It would seem obvious, but I've never really thought about it.

explanation The fire casts no shadow, as it does not prevent the passage of light through it.

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