6 simple scientific experiments for children's parties

When your apartment has a noisy crowd of children with a "perpetual motion machine" inside, it's time to take their scientific miracles.

Website has collected several scientific experiments that will amaze malyshni. Make you repeat the experience again and again. At the same time learn a lot of useful and interesting.

Experience № 1. Ball and apelsin

You will need one orange, inflated balls (as you wish).

experience Cut off a piece of orange peel, as if you were cleaning an orange to eat. Push down on the peel, juice, peel drizzle on an inflated balloon. The ball burst.

explanation In a lot of orange zest a substance such as limonene. He actively dissolves rubber, so the ball can not be thin to oppose him.

Experience № 2. Egg in butylke

You will need hard-boiled and shelled egg medium-sized glass bottle of juice with a sufficiently wide neck, a strip of paper, matches or lighter oil. To experience successful, the bottle neck should be slightly smaller than the eggs.

experience lubricate the neck of the bottle with oil. Light the paper and quickly put it in the bottle. Immediately thereafter egg cover bottle neck. When the paper is put out, the egg will be in the bottle.

explanation When the air in the bottle due to the fire heats up, it expands and comes out of the air, and when the flame is extinguished, the air begins to cool and contract. As a result, the bottle creates a low pressure, so that the external pressure itself "pushes" egg in a bottle.

Experience № 3. Ball and voronka

You will need funnel and a ping-pong table.

experience Turn the widest part of the funnel down, put the ball in the cup and keep it with your finger. Then start blowing into the narrow end of the funnel and stop the ball with your finger support, while continuing to blow. The ball has to stay inside.

explanation the faster the air flows past the ball, the less pressure it exerts on the ball. The air pressure between the walls of the funnel and the ball is much smaller than the outside, so while you blow, the ball will remain in the funnel, even if you turn it vertically. The same experience can be adapted vacuum cleaner.

Experience № 4. Magic svecha

You will need one candle and a lighter.

experience light a candle, and after a while it will extinguish. When the candle goes out, the wick of smoke will rise. If you bring the fire to smoke, then lit the candle again.

explanation the smoke that rises from the wick includes a pair of wax are easy to light up. These pairs of light and reaches the wick, as shown in SFII.

Experience № 5. Self-inflating shariki

You will need ball, soda, a bottle of vinegar.

experience Sprinkle baking soda into a ball, and pour the vinegar into the bottle. Put the ball on the neck of the bottle, and then turn so that the contents spilled the ball in vinegar and watch.

explanation the fact that the addition of soda in vinegar (quenching soda) produces carbon dioxide, which inflates the balloon.

Experience № 6. Glowing voda

This experience will require some training and additional purchases, but will look especially impressive.

You will need a tall glass, a solution of washing powder (20 ml), a three-percent hydrogen peroxide (10 ml), a three-percent solution of luminol (5 ml) and a few crystals of potassium permanganate.

experience Pour a glass of detergent solution, a solution of hydrogen peroxide and luminol. Separately, a few crystals of potassium permanganate pound and also send it in a glass. When you try to stir the mixture will foam and sparkle beautifully.

Explanation: luminol glows when reacted with hydrogen peroxide.

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