Why from 1 a.m. to 3 a.m. must sleep

What is a reasonable mode of the day? This is the daily life of "keeping up with the times."

It is no wonder that the vast majority of living beings are awake by day and sleep at night, in the morning want one day the desires of others, and in the evening the third. This is due to the influence of the planets. The sun provides the activation processes in the body and the power to act, the moon gives relaxation and a chance to relax. The sun's influence does not allow the body to fully relax, and the influence of the moon makes it possible to act without detriment to the human psyche.

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So, what are the consequences of the violation of the day:

The mind and the mind rest from 9 PM to 11 PM. So if You are went to bed or fell asleep at 10 PM, You will have to suffer the mind — mental abilities and rationality will gradually fall. The decline in mental strength and intelligence is not immediately, but gradually and often unnoticed, negative consequences can accumulate over the years. When decreasing the power of the mind, man cannot understand what is good and what is bad. It is difficult to understand what to do in certain situations, he makes mistakes that they later regret. It becomes difficult to get rid of bad habits. By reducing the power of the mind starts, anxiety and memory impairment, mental instability.

The first signs of lack of rest of mind and mind - syrennialestrange attention or excessive tension of the mind, strengthening bad habits, decrease in will power and the rise of the animal needs — sex, food, sleep and conflict. Further consequences of chronic mental fatigue and tension, impaired vascular regulation and a tendency to raise blood pressure. Sellistest face, tired dim sight, mental confusion, headaches — all signs of violation of the mode of the day, the person gives the mind and the mind rest in the designated time, the nature.

If you do not sleep from 11 to 1 am, then you will have to suffer the life force and the nervous and muscular system. The consequences — weakness, pessimism, lethargy, loss of appetite, heaviness in the body mental and physical fatigue. These symptoms usually are felt immediately. The activity of prana in the body associated with the nervous system, so the last time she will also begin to suffer. The consequences are extremely unpleasant and dangerous — the violation of the regulation of the balance of the vital functions of the whole organism that causes a decrease of immunity and development of chronic diseases. If you continue to violate the day regime, then the consequences might be in the form of severe changes in the functioning of the nervous system and internal organs.

From 1 a.m. till 3 a.m. sleep is also a must, otherwise suffer the emotional strength of the person.The immediate consequences of excessive irritability, aggressiveness, antagonism. If this rule is violated there is a strong emotional exhaustion, and may occur in attacks of hysteria. Further consequences — gradual development of manic-depressive psychosis, that is, the person for some time, overly excited, and then falls into a deep depression. Gradually reduced the acuteness of perception of the world through hearing, touch, sight, smell, and also reduces the activity of taste receptors.

A few words about intelligence. Intelligence is a person's ability to understand the forces that exist around us and affect our lives. A reasonable person understands that there is time, time power, so he tries to do all the time, so far as it allows destiny.

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Someone who didn't want to be friends with time, life puts in such a framework that people can't sleep on time, night work, difficult to get to sleep on time, prevents the TV for the wall or other people, etc. It's punishment time for not thinking. If this situation changes it is very difficult, but there is one good way. And now we will talk about how to eliminate the effects of years of violations of the regime of the day.

Since human desire is a tremendous force, if you ever want to change your routine, after some time people gets this opportunity. If the desire is sincere and strong, I can find the strength to take advantage of this opportunity. There's only one way to strengthen the communication with people who are already on the right track and keep a routine. Attentive and submissive hearing of such people creates changes in the mind, giving enthusiasm to change everything in your life.

All the other ways to eliminate the consequences of violations of the day – foolish and only lead to further trouble. It is foolish to yell at the neighbor or the family, hoping that they will turn off the TV or calm down, and not will think bad of you. It is unwise to leave night work if there are no other options of income. You need to be patient as the consequences of their own foolishness in the past, and wishing with all his might to change things for the better.

According to the Vedas, all the people that surround us, represent our sins committed in the past. Life satisfied with the way we lived and communicated with those people who can return to us for all the bad and good that we ever did in relation to others, including past incarnations.

When a person wants a better life and not blame their plight, not trying to forcibly convert people, he gradually works off its bad karma, and his opportunity to live happier improve with each passing day. As for negative factors, which hinder progress because of their own bad deeds, they gradually weaken and eventually disappear altogether. published 


according to the materials of the lectures of Oleg Torsunov

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind - together we change the world! ©

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