The frequency of vibration of the body and organs

Natural form of motion of all parts of the universe vibration. The human body and all that surrounds it, is no exception to this rule.

Total frequency depends on many factors:

  • from the condition of the body, the quality of food,
  • bad habits, hygiene,
  • connection with the surrounding nature, climate, time of year,
  • the quality of the senses, purity of thought, and other factors.

If multiple objects are close to their frequencies of vibration, they resonate and amplify the vibrations each other, there is a synergistic effect, that is, every object receives an additional energy of interaction.

If objects have incommensurate frequencies, the object with more energy can suppress the vibration of the weak object. In radio this is called "capture phenomenon". And in the human body so the disease develops under the influence of pathogenic factors.

Our life and health depends on how we are able to "absorb" useful to us vibration, to resonate at the frequencies we are in tune with the universe and get away from harmful vibrations that inhibit our vitality.

Studies of frequencies of human body parts with the help of modern spectral analysis (the research of Dr. Robert Becker) give the following information:

1. The average frequency of the human body in the daytime is 62-68 MHz.

2. The frequency of parts of the body of a healthy person in the range of 62-78 MHz, if frequency falls, so the immune system has suffered damage.

3. The fundamental frequency of the brain can be in the range of 80-82 MHz.

4. The frequency range of 72-90 MHz brain.

5. Normal brain frequency 72 MHz.

6. The frequency of parts of the human body: from neck up lying in the range 72-78 MHz.

7. The frequency of parts of the human body: from neck down is in the range 60-68 MHz.

8. The frequency of thyroid and parathyroid glands 62-68 MHz.

9. The frequency of the thymus gland is 65-68 MHz.

10. The frequency of the heart is 67-70 MHz.

11. Frequency of the lungs 58-65 MHz.

12. The frequency of liver is 55-60 MHz.

13. The frequency of pancreas 60-80 MHz.

14. Bone frequency 43 MHz, at this frequency, the bones do not have their own immune system, despite its hardness. They protect the soft tissue with a higher natural frequency.


Colds and flu will begin the person, if the frequency drops to 57-60 MHz,

If the frequency drops below 58 MHz, there any disease, depending on its pathogenic source.

Fungal infections grow in the fall frequencies below 55 MHz

Susceptibility to cancer occurs at a frequency of 42 MHz

Drop the frequency to 25 MHz – collapse, death.

Should take special protective measures against occurrence of sound waves with the following frequencies, because the coincidence frequency leads to resonance:

• 20-30 Hz (resonance of the head)
• 40-100 Hz (resonance of the eye)
• 0.5-13 Hz (the resonance of the vestibular apparatus)
• 4-6 Hz (resonance of the heart)
• 2-3 Hz (resonance of the stomach)
• 2-4 Hz (resonance of the intestine)
• 6-8 Hz (resonance of the kidney)
• 2-5 Hz (resonance).

When a devastating vibration?

It turns out that they come from a person as a result of his negative personal qualities or emotions:

  • the mount provides vibration – from 0.1 to 2 Hz.
  • fear from 0.2 to 2.2 Hz.
  • resentment – from 0.6 to 3.3 Hz.
  • irritation – from 0.9 to 3.8 Hz; ;
  • outrage – from 0.6 to 1.9 Hz.
  • the self – giving maximum vibration at 2.8 Hz.
  • temper (anger)- 0.9 Hz.
  • flash of rage – 0.5 Hz; anger and 1.4 Hz.
  • pride – 0.8 Hz; pride and 3.1 Hz.
  • neglect – 1.5 Hz.
  • the superiority of 1.9 Hz,
  • pity – 3 Hertz.
If man lives by the feelings he has completely different vibrations:

  • the line – up from 38 Hertz and above;
  • the acceptance of the World as he is, without resentment, and other negative emotions – 46 Hz.
  • generosity – 95 Hz.
  • the vibration of gratitude – 45 Hertz;
  • heart of gratitude – from 140 Hz and above;
  • unity with other people – 144 Hz and above;
  • compassion – from 150 Hz and above, (a pity only 3 Hertz);
  • the love that is the head that is, when one understands that love is a good, light feeling and great power, but the love still does not work – 50 Hz;
  • love that person generates my heart to all people without exception and all living things – from 150 Hz and above;
  • love is unconditional, sacrificial, adopted in the universe – from 205 Hz and above.
To shift the frequency spectrum in the direction of increasing fresh foods and herbs, essential oils.published


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