Mystery frequency of 432 Hz - how brainwashed people to bypass consciousness

The world is one and integral, and each part of it is fragmentary display all general in small.

The frequency of 432 Hz is an alternative setting that is in accordance with the harmonics of the Universe.

Music based on 432 Hz has a beneficial healing energy, because it is the pure tone of the mathematical foundations of nature.

The archaic Egyptian instruments that have been found until now, mostly been set to 432 Hz.


In ancient Greece, music instruments were predominantly tuned to 432 Hz. The archaic Greek mysteries, Orpheus was the god of music, death and rebirth, as well as the keeper of the Ambrosia and the music of transformation (of his instruments were set to 432 Hz). And it is no coincidence, the ancients knew about the unity of the Universe more than contemporaries.

The current setting of music on the basis of 440 Hz does not harmonize either the same level as us and does not correspond to the cosmic movement, rhythm or the natural vibrations.

Who did it and why, it will be clear if we take into account the following.

When the system appeared 440 hertz? Why and who needed to establish mental control over the masses through this frequency?

The first attempt to massively change the wave took place in 1884, but the efforts of Verdi preserved the old system, and then began setting "La" = 432 Hz to call "Verdi systems».

Later, John. K. Digeni serving in the US Navy, the student physicist Hermann Helmholtz in 1910 persuaded the American Federation of Musicians in its annual meeting to take A = 440hz, a standard universal system for orchestras and bands. He was a professional in the field of astronomy, geology, chemistry, and studied many branches of physics, especially the theory of light and sound. His opinion is fundamental in the study of musical acoustics. Dzh.K.Digen designed military chime at 440 hertz, which was used for propaganda news during the Second World War.

Just shortly before the Second World War, in 1936, the minister of the Nazi movement and mastermind in the management of the masses P.Y.Gebbels revised standard on the 440 hertz. Frequency, which affects most of all on the human brain and can be used to control a large number of people and propaganda of Nazism. This is due to the fact that if you deprive a human body a natural setting, and raise the natural tone slightly higher, then the brain will receive regular irritation. In addition, people will no longer grow, there will be many mental disorders, people will begin to close in itself, and it will be much easier to manage. This was the main reason that the Nazis adopted the new rate notes "La».

Around 1940 the US government introduced a spirit of 440 Hz around the world, and finally, in 1953 he became the ISO 16 standard. Replacement frequency of 432 Hz to 440 Hz is due to the Cult of music control: war, the Rockefeller Foundation for the control of consciousness by changing the frequency and the imposition of 440 Hz instead of the standard settings.

440 Hz are unnatural setting the standard, and the music in the frequency of 440 Hz conflicts with human energy centers. The music industry uses the introduction of this frequency to affect the population, in order to achieve more aggression, agitation psycho-social and emotional distress that leads people to physical illnesses. Such music can also generate unhealthy effects or anti-social behavior, disorder in the human mind.

Cymatics Science (studying sound visualization and vibration) shows that the frequency and vibration are the master keys and the organizational basis for the creation of all matter and life on this planet. When sound waves travel on a physical medium (sand, air, water, etc.), the frequency of the waves is directly related to the formation of structures that are created by sound waves as they pass through a particular medium, such as, for example, the human body, which consists of more than 70% water!

Comparison of the frequency can be seen in the picture.


The special operation by changing the frequency of the classical 432 440

What do we know about the note, "La" 432 hertz? I think not so much, because since then, as the "International Organization for Standardization (ISO)» adopted the system of "La" 440 Hz as the main - a concert, it's been 58 years. Build in 432 Hz, no one plays.

Musicians who perform works of the Baroque era, prefer the "La" - 415 hertz, which is often used before the era of classicism. Contemporary artists often use 440-442 Hz, and sometimes higher, as the most familiar and comfortable operation.

But a long period of musical history is used note "la" frequency - 432 Hz

. Even after the adoption of the standard, in 1953, 23 thousand musicians from France held a referendum in support of the "Verdi" system 432 hertz, but were politely ignored.

Where did the "La" 440 hertz, and why it is so long-lived replaced a similar note of 432 hertz?

Story 432 existed in ancient Greece, starting from Plato, Hippocrates, Aristotle, Pythagoras and others. Great thinkers and philosophers of antiquity who is known to possess invaluable knowledge about the healing effects of music on people and cured many people it is the power of music!

With a note begins the classic scale? With notes of "before", is not it !? So, the note "to" in the present system will be equal to 512 Hz, one octave below 256 Hz, even lower - 128-64-32-16-8-4-2-1. Those. the lowest note will be equal to one vibration per second, respectively, this is the first note of the scale!

The greatest violin maker of all time - Antonio Stradivari (secret skill of creating instruments which are not disclosed until now), created his masterpieces is to set up 432 hertz

! 432 sound much quieter, warmer and closer. His feel with all my heart.

Plato Code or why it is impossible to hide the mystery of divine frequency 432

Despite the control established by the Illuminati since the time of Helmholtz and Nazi Goebbels, the replacement rate of 432 to 440, the band continued to play in an independent environment at a frequency of 432. Because there is a decrease in tension on the strings, drums thus weakens a little drum skin, keyboard easier to tune in control .

Goebbels knew that the frequency 432 has a perfect harmonic balance. This is the only frequency that causes the Pythagorean musical spiral that contains the well-known and unsolved CODE OF PLATO.

However, recently the American mathematician and historian of science Jay Kennedy, who works at the University of Manchester in the UK, announced that cracked the secret code hidden in the works of ancient Greek philosopher Plato. According to Kennedy, Plato shared the Pythagorean idea of ​​the music of the spheres - inaudible musical harmony of the universe - and their compositions in accordance with the laws of musical harmony

. "One of the most famous dialogues of Plato, the state is divided into twelve parts, according to the number of sounds in the chromatic musical scale, representations of which were the ancient Greeks. And at each joint account for the phrase somehow related to music or sounds ", - said the researcher

. What are the ancient frequency ear training? These original sound frequencies used in ancient Gregorian chants, such as the great hymn to St. John the Baptist. Many of them, according to the church authorities, were lost centuries ago.

These powerful frequencies were found by Dr. Joseph Puleo. This is described in the book "Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse" Dr. Leonard Horowitz.

Here they are:

Up - 396 Hz - Release from guilt and fear
Re - 417 Hz - Neutralization situations and facilitating change
MI - 528 Hz - Transformation and Miracles (DNA repair)
Fa - 639 Hz - Connecting and relationships
The SOL - 741 Hz - Awakening Intuition
La - 852 Hz - Returning to the spiritual order "

The frequency of 432 turns in an interesting way 700: PHI = 432.624
Or 24 hours x 60 minutes x 60 seconds = 864 | 000
864/2 = 432

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A small comparison 432hz and 440hz an example Andantino de Mozart:


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