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Recently, the network has the latest photos from the Pirelli Calendar 2014. This time, the author of the project was the famous Patrick Demarchelier, collaborating with the brightest stars of the fashion industry. Photographer captured in the frame representatives of two generations - models of our time, among them Miranda Kerr and Alessandra Ambrosio, supermodels and 90 - Helena Krictensen and Alek Wek. How will the new spectacular edition Pirelli, we will learn in November this year, and now I offer you a selection of the best pictures in the history of the calendar.
Let me remind you that the Pirelli calendar is available since 1963 and is one of the most famous photo calendars, along with editions of Vogue magazine and advertising campaigns Campari.

Photographer - Steve McCurry. The venue for the shooting was selected Rio de Janeiro, and it is one of the few editions of the calendar where the models are removed clothing. According to the photographer, he wanted "to focus the viewer's attention not on the bodies, and souls of their charges».


Photographer - Mario Sorrenti. Models, among which was Milla Jovovich, posed in a landscape of Corsica.

Complete understanding between the photographer and his muse creates a deep sensual dialogue, sublimating the true beauty in the photos. Working on the calendar Pirelli, the first thing I wanted to create a deep, personal contact with each model, I wanted to capture their naturalness and purity. In this work, women's bodies are the continuation of nature. The rocks, soil, tree trunks, sky, ocean waves serve as a backdrop for the beautiful female body.

At this time, the model, among whom were men, were laid bare before the lens of Karl Lagerfeld, and the main topic was the photoset Greek and Roman mythology.


In 2010, it took a provocateur Terry Richardson, as always surrounded himself with the most beautiful and sexy models of our time. Filming Locations steel jungle and beaches of Brazil cities. The main task of the photographer to show their models as much as possible the natural, which means a minimum of makeup, clothes and no girls with plastic surgery.


Photographer Peter Beard shot models in Botswana, in a sanctuary setting, which is connected to the Okavango Delta and the Kalahari Desert. The slogan became calendar quote Dostoyevsky: "Beauty will save the world».


Calendar, authored by Patrick Demarchelier, was known as the "Pearl of the East", and his shooting took place in Shanghai. According to the creators of the Pirelli, «Celestial Empire has always been considered the birthplace of the freest forms of eroticism," this is what was the deciding factor when choosing a place of filming.


"Bed and Five Stories" - the title of the calendar for the shooting which was invited to the famous duo Inez van Lamsweerde photographers and Vinud Matadin. This time, the place became plain shooting scenery, as the creators of the calendar would like to focus the viewer's attention on the individual models. By the way, these were the person that neither is bright - Penolopa Cruz, Hilary Swank, Naomi Watts, Lou Doillon and adorable Sophia Loren.


The main theme of the new calendar became boldness and passion. As photographers were Mert and Marcus, who posed in front of Kate Moss, Natalia Vodianova, Zhize Bundchen and Jennifer Lopez.


In 2005, the model led by Patrick Demarchelier were again on the beach. Despite the brilliance that can offer the coastal strip as a filming location, photographs were made in black and white technique.


Photographer Nick Knight wanted to create extraordinary photos, which was given to place not only the beauty of the female body from the male point of view, as it was in previous editions of the calendar. To do this he enlisted the help of the most unusual and outstanding women of our time, among them Bjork, Catherine Deneuve, Isabella Rossellini and Stella McCartney. Each of them offered his vision of the photographer to the calendar, and Knight endured their ideas on film.


At this time, a series of pictures was called "In Search of the Sirens", and it is no coincidence - the filming location was chosen spot Punta Lycos that in Italy, which is popularly called as Cape Sirens. The main theme of the calendar was the love of a man for a woman and a woman - to the man.


As models for this calendar were selected budding young Hollywood actresses. The new release also differs from its predecessors lack of nude forms and it is not by chance - thus photographer Peter Lindbergh has reflected the general view of the spectator jaded view of bare flesh.


Location filming - Naples. According to Mario Testino, who was the author of the calendar, he tried to photograph not only the nude models, but also the most beautiful places of Italian cities - from the waterfront and orchards to the old parks and luxury hotel rooms.


Photographer Herb Ritts shot his models in the images characteristic of the different periods of the 20th century, making the calendar was named "Woman - decade after decade." One of the images embodied in the photo Laetitia Casta - Model appeared before the audience pin-up diva of the '50s.


For the series of photographs "Women of the World" by Richard Avedon elected representatives of various countries and present them in the photos in various ways specific to their homeland. Of course, Monica Bellucci Italy personified.


The theme of the new Pirelli's calendar began seasons. Preparation for the photo shoot took more time than the entire filming process. Photographer Richard Avedon for a long time picking up clothes and props, for example, several boxes of autumn leaves for this picture Christy Turlington have been specially imported from New Zealand.


Filming Locations - The Bahamas, as a photographer Herb Ritts. For the first time for the calendar posed for a young Kate Moss.


Out of this publication was timed to the 30th anniversary of the calendar, and on this occasion Pirelli creative team was required to go back to basics, namely the heavenly beaches of the Seychelles.


The idea to shoot the then served as an obsession with women's fitness and gyms. The theme photoset steel Gerayi - female counterpart of the Olympic Games in ancient Greece. As models were professional athletes.


For this release, the photographer Terence Donovan calendar selected the only black models, and the main star release a 16-year-old Naomi Campbell.


The new calendar was the original photos from the fashion show. Models, among which was the star of the catwalks Iman posed Norman Parkinson in the apartment of one of the most expensive hotels in Edinburgh.


The first calendar Pirelli, released after ten years of the oil crisis. The main topic was the use of photoset production company Pirelli - on the naked bodies of models adorned with golden patterns traces of the tread of the tire of the new collection.


Shooting for the tenth anniversary edition of the calendar took place on the beach again.


This edition of the calendar was significant in that it first appeared nude female breast. For those times it was the audacity of this, so the photographer Francis Dzhakobetti had to try hard to persuade models to appear in the nude.


The author of this issue also became Francis Dzhakobetti repeatedly worked with Playboy. Out Calendar became a sensation - now his dream to get not only collectors, but also representatives of royal families, as well as participants Beatles.


Calendar of the year was dedicated to California, and as models were casual girl with Los Angeles beaches - many of them did not even know that they are removed.


This calendar is famous for the fact that its creation was attended by models with different skin color, and the place of the shooting became Tunisia during the war between Israel and Arab countries.


The shooting took place in Provence, and acted as a photographer Brian Duffy.


The first calendar, demanded by buyers. To create the film crew, consisting only of photographer Robert Freeman, model and producer of the Pirelli went to Majorca. No make-up artists, stylists and hairdressers on the set has not been noticed.


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