Photo sessions Jennifer Lawrence

August 15th 23 years Jennifer Lawrence as still very young, just as incredibly beautiful actress. Talk about the achievements of her work and talent - a pleasure. At age 14, Jennifer decided to be an actress and asked her parents to find her a New York agent. Then she finished school 2 years externally, to lose no time to devote himself to writing. In 17 years, he started acting in TV series "Billy Shaw Ingvala" and 19 - received the award "young actor" in the nomination "The best young actress in the television series." At age 18, co-starred in the title role in the film "Poker House" and immediately won him a prize at the "Los Angeles Film Festival 2008". In the same year, Jennifer took part in the movie "The Burning Plain" in the campaign such venerable actresses like Charlize Theron and Kim Basinger. The film flopped at the box office, but for his role already received a young starlet named Marcello Mastroianni Award at the Venice Film Festival.

And on the horizon loomed a real international success - in 20 years, Lawrence received his first nomination for "Oscar" for the film "Winter's Bone." Yes, if the prize was not gave it to her, but only to Jennifer played as brilliantly again and received the "Oscar" in 22 years, and 23 - took the 2nd place in the ranking the highest paid actresses in Hollywood, and learn from Mila Kunis seductive baton in the form of a contract with the house of Dior. For herself, Jennifer has its own characteristics, but no less attractive sexuality and charm. To her birthday offer recall sexiest photo shoot amazingly talented young actress.

1. hot photo shoot for the June issue of the journal «Esquire» 2010.

Here Jen, teasing look passionate, examples of different swimsuits.

Her tanned skin, wet hair and beautiful forms come all.

2. Here, Jennifer Lawrence became the main character of the February issue of the magazine Vanity Fair 2013. Playful and sexy on the red convertible. This and should be 23-year-old Hollywood star.

I photographed her inimitable Ellen von Unwerth, who, more than anyone, open and catches the moments of feminine sexuality.

And with the most minimal hint of nudity. But the pictures already very sensual.

3. The photo shoot for the December Elle 2012.

Here, the actress tried on luxurious dress from Balenciaga, Stella McCartney and Azzedine Alaia. And pictures of another poet of female sexual attractiveness - Carter Smith.

Red lips, red lacquer, wet adhering to the body of a white dress in the hot sun. The image of luxury and natural sensuality.

And here is Jen - audacious, seductive and teasing the girl.

4. photoshoot for September «Vogue», photographed Norman Jean Roy.

The graceful and elegant figure of the actress on the background of the magnificent mountain scenery, and the wind in their hair brings a feeling of lightness, freedom and youth.

Here, in a romantic, earthy, slightly autumn sexy image.

5. photoshoot for the April issue of the German edition of the magazine «Interview» 2012.

Black and white sexy pictures. Straight and very beautiful. "Precious" is framed like a heavy piece swimsuit Jennifer rare form of luxury - "Hourglass».

A brilliant glamorous dress like Jennifer gives free rein to his bright sexuality.

6. photoshoot for the April issue of the journal «Glamour».

The image of the attractive Amazons already cult "Hunger Games».

7. Bikini photo shoot for the May issue of the journal «GQ» 2011.

Thoughtfully attractive Jen. Beautiful and sexy body calm confidence. So feel yourself just a girl in a million.


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