Facts about the movie "The Hunger Games"

Last week there was a new trailer for the film "The Hunger Games. Catching Fire. " The long-awaited premiere of the second part of the trilogy, every day is getting closer. The whole world will see it November 21 this year. Also, August 10 edition of Billboard reported that the British band Coldplay August 26 release formulation Atlas, which will become part of the soundtrack of the new film. This composition will be the first new material the musicians after the album Mylo Xyloto, which was released in 2011. As it became known, Chris Martin, leader of Coldplay, and concurrently, the husband of actress Gwyneth Paltrow - a big fan of the books Suzanne Collins, which were the basis for "The Hunger Games».

In the continuation of "The Hunger Games," we will see a new more exciting, dangerous adventures and tests of the main characters. It's about how Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark violent games after returning home. But the situation is complicated by the fact that now they were more at risk because their refusal to play by the rules in the Arena defied Capitol. And now comes the new, already the jubilee Hunger Games, which are to be special, so they involve only the winners of the games of yesteryear. And Katniss and Pete have to re-enter the arena, where this time they will compete with the strongest. And changing the rules of the game - arena becomes even more dangerous scale - more, and rates - above ... And as long as we only expect the upcoming premiere, enjoy the new trailer, and remember the most interesting facts about the first part of the trilogy, "The Hunger Games».

1. The idea of ​​the creation of this novel appeared Susan Collins very suddenly. Once she simply switch channels, and one of them went on a reality show, but on the other - flashed footage of the invasion of Iraq. Susan was so impressed by what he saw that immediately came up with the original concept of a new book: the story of a despotic state and the suffering of innocent people, who dream of overthrowing the totalitarian regime.

2. The main feature of the book was the story on behalf of the Katniss Everdeen. But as to repeat this method on the screen would be quite difficult, especially in the scenario have increased as some of the other characters, which allowed viewers unfamiliar with the original, better understand what is happening on the screen.

3. The premiere of the trailer for "Hungry Games" took place in Times Square with a huge gathering of fans of the novel and was broadcast live on the popular morning television program in the US Good Morning America. In order to ensure the safety of the crowd in the square, the authorities even blocked traffic on several central streets of New York. Earlier similar happened only because of the movie Indiana Jones and the Ocean's.

4. Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth by nature are natural blondes, so for the film were forced to dye my hair a dark color, while the dark-haired Josh Hutcherson, on the contrary, they brighten.

5. This project was and still is so popular in America that still almost a year before the movie was released pictures of the main characters - Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth - fans celebrated like superstars.

6. On the role of Katniss was considered almost thirty actresses, among them Saoirse Ronan ("Hanna. Perfect Weapon," "The Lovely Bones"), Chloe Moretz ("Hugo") and Emily Browning ("illegal hold"). The very same Susan Collins (author of "The Hunger Games"), which was also one of the film's producers felt that Jennifer - the perfect actress, able to bring her character to the big screen: Jennifer is incredible actress! Very strong and at the same time vulnerable, beautiful, unforgiving and brave. I did not expect that we will find an actress who is so ideal for this role.

7. The fee Jennifer Lawrence for her role as Katniss was $ 500,000, exactly the same amount received and the star of "Twilight" Kristen Stewart in the first part of the film.

8. Josh Hutcherson, who played the role of Katniss partner - Pete, before it has had time to draw attention to themselves in such successful films as "Bridge to Terabithia" and "Journey to the Center of the Earth».

9. According to the news agency Assosiated Press, a village known as District 12 in the film adaptation of "The Hunger Games" was put up for sale for $ 1, 4 million. The fact that this village has gained immense popularity among fans of fantastic pictures. And one of the travel portals of North Carolina began offering four-day trips to places of filming the blockbuster.

10. Jennifer Lawrence thought three days before to agree on the role of Katniss Everdeen.

11. Jennifer could become very popular even earlier if she won the role of Bella Swan, Kristen Stewart instead.

12. "The Hunger Games" is simply shine star cast of actors in the background: Stanley Tucci plays an active presenter, Donald Sutherland - the main villain, President and initiator of the show, Woody Harrelson - a former winner, a drunkard and a mentor to Katniss Arena. Elizabeth Banks of Studio 30 became expansive Effie Trinket, and Lenny Kravitz - stylist named Cinna.

13. The novel "The Hunger Games" in Russia was awarded the Book Prize Runet in 2011 as "Best Book of the Year».

14. The cover of the first edition of "The Hunger Games" were depicted a fictional golden bird jay-peresmeshnitsa and arrow inscribed in a circle. In the movie, so it looks brooch obtained Katniss before his departure to The Hunger Games.

15. The novel Collins (and the eponymous film) takes place in a fictional country called Panem, which was not accidental. The word "Panem" is derived from the Latin expression «panem et circenses», which means "bread and circuses."

16. Wes Bentley, who plays in the film The Hunger Games chief administrator, Seneca Crane, said in an interview that the unusual elegant beard, which adorns his character in the film, was created out of his own beard by a special styling.

17. Woody Harrelson, who plays the role of mentor Abernathy, in real life is a vegetarian. For this reason, in all the frames where Haymitch sitting at the table, or he just drinks, or eating only fruits and vegetables.

18. Jennifer Lawrence: It was very hard. We had to constantly run around and spend a lot of forces - the film, by the way, is called "The Hunger Games," and I have never eaten so much as these shootings. Very serious training: six weeks of archery, running, rock climbing, yoga, martial arts ... I am so tired that constantly asked Gary Ross: "Is it possible, in the next movie, Katniss will not run and will be able to walk?»

19. "The Hunger Games" for three days gathered at the US box office $ 155 million.

20. Filming of "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" began September 10, 2012 and ended on 21 December 2012. The second part of the trilogy directed by Francis Lawrence has become known for the films "I - The Legend" and "Constantine: Dark Lord».


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