Jennifer Lawrence

Name Jennifer Lawrence is now on everyone's lips, as in rolling out almost the most anticipated film of the year "The Hunger Games", where the actress starred. Picture of many praise, I myself have not seen it yet, but I think that Jennifer handled as a talented girl. Even before the promo "The Hunger Games" Lawrence visited the 17th award ceremony Screen Actors Guild, having put on their slender legs shoes by French designer Roger Vivier. These black shoes ideally suited to the long bright pink dress with a black belt. The emphasis placed correctly.

David Letterman show watched by millions of Americans and on the eve of the release of "The Hunger Games" Jennifer just could not visit his studio. To do this, exit 21-year-old actress chose a five-strap shoes by Yves Saint Laurent, the value of which is equal to exactly 30 000 rubles. By the way, she appeared on the show to try a new image - the image of the brown-haired, she had to try to participate in yet most famous film with her, all the same «The Hunger Games».

Jennifer decided to save and put shoes on the French master a second time. It is now for the premiere of the film "The Hunger Games" in Florida. This way I like it a lot more, because It is completely finished, and the very fringe to face this blonde.

According to the Western press at the premiere of "The Hunger Games" in Los Angeles, Jennifer looked simply stunning in a beautiful gold dress on the floor Prabal Gurung and shoes with straps intertwined by Jimmy Choo. Shoes from spring collection this year, in my opinion, is too simple for such a luxury shiny dress ... Here Lawrence made the right decision with the choice.

The Berlin premiere of the same film. Jennifer Lawrence gave her heart a bright red dress and bright red satin shoes by Giuseppe Zanotti. Bow actress perfectly fit into the surroundings - dress on a background of fire in the background looks great.

On solemn premiere of "The Hunger Games" in New York, Jennifer wore shoes metallic tones of Jimmy Choo, as well as a short form-fitting dress with an attractive line of cleavage. Model «Suki» Lawrence bit high and it is not very good, both in terms of convenience and aesthetics. They say that many stars do not buy shoes, and so to speak energetically promoting (send shoes designers, and celebrities are happy to put it). Same story with decorations.

On the show "Good Morning America" ​​in New York City, Jennifer appeared in a feminine white shoes snakeskin from Giuseppe Zanotti from the collection "Spring 2012". The cost of these elegant sandals with "leopard" heel up to 11 000 rubles.

Black suede and clean lines of shoes from Jimmy Choo successfully completed the image of Jennifer on «Late Night with Dave Letterman». While this shoe is not selling, but something like this can be ordered on the website of the designer 20 000 rubles.

The star of "The Hunger Games" is a clear fan of Jimmy Choo. Visiting the show Jimmy Fallon Lawrence flashed a stylish black suit and shoes from the Spring 2012 collection on a huge heels Jimmy Choo. Suede shoes with intertwined black and gold stripes, I think the best thing I saw in the bow.

Spanish premiere of the film «The Hunger Games». Jennifer appeared in a strange costume, which in my opinion can be thrown in the trash, it's awful, but that's suede shoes of Brian Atwood 18 000 rubles are great. Strange, but this dress is from the collection of Victoria Beckham ...


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