Who will win the Eurovision 2012?

This year, as we all know, from Russia on "Eurovision" go "Buranovskie grandmother." About them we have already mentioned. I guess they win certainly will not win (primarily due to the special diplomacy competition), but I do take some pride of place, perhaps even a "silver" bring. Let's see who will be competing with them. I bring to your attention the five artists who, in my opinion, have a good chance to prove themselves in this competition.

1. Roman Lob, Germany. The guy is only 21, and he even at home is a rising star. Thank God, his contest entry - it is not croaking Lena Meyer Landrut, which inexplicably became the best in 2010. The song Ā«Standing StillĀ» pleasant, soulful voice and surprisingly strong. Clearly, this is not something sensational, but Roman has another trump card - his appearance. Beautiful artist with a beautiful song. PS: I have a suspicion that the Russian Roman roots, but this is not written anywhere ...

2. Engelbert Humperdinck, UK. Here it is, the main competitor "Buranovskiye grandmothers!" It is unlikely that among our readers there are people who have seen the flowering of his popularity, because it was in the late sixties. Now 75-year-old grandpa will shake the old days in Baku with the song Love Will Set You Free. But to call him a clown competition does not turn the language: a great song. I do not know how to sing Humperdinck in his youth, but his voice is good, this does not take away

3. Gaitan, Ukraine. Not only because of patriotism included it here) The fact that all the songs of the actress have any raisins, texts in perfect harmony with the music. Not sensational again, but very high quality. Song Be my guest makes legs started dancing from the first notes. Plus again, her bright appearance

4. Brothers Belarus for many years trying to claw at the Eurovision victory, but that it did ... Maybe pop-rock band Litesound can make a difference. The song We Are The Heroes, you guys going to take on the competition, you feel a strong emotional charge (at least, I have the impression). The song is not "fantikovaya" as the previous contest works Belarusians, for example, the same Dmitry Koldun. In addition, We Are The Heroes very cool entry - national motives

5. Anguun, France. This girl with exotic appearance stands out against the background of the female competition. I really liked the song Echo (You and I)


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