Pirelli Calendar

What is the relationship between the company-manufacturer of tires and the fashion industry? The most direct - that Pirelli Tyre magnate annually finances and produces the most popular Photo Calendar in the world. The work on the calendar involved the most popular fashion photographers and models. Shooting for Pirelli - an honor even for the monsters show business, like Jennifer Lopez, Sienna Miller and Sophia Loren.

Calendar released in 1963. The funny thing is that it was originally designed for truck drivers and mechanics and was available for sale at petrol stations and garages. Today it is a collectible that you can get only "to pull" or buy at auction for sky-high price.

Let's start from the beginning - the first seven years of existence, photo calendars Pirelli.


Photographer: Terence Donovan

The first issue of the calendar had no success among the potential buyers. In order not to deviate from the topic "car tire", the photographer captures the patterns on the background of vehicles: riding a motorcycle, tractor, driving a truck. The audience wanted something unusual that they got in later releases calendar.


Photographer: Robert Freeman

Shooting of "firstborn» Pirelli took place on the coast of Mallorca. It was just up to the limit - have been involved in the work of a photographer, producer and model that does not require the services of a stylist, makeup artist and hairdresser. On set he reigned unofficial friendly, even intimate atmosphere, which is transmitted and photos. Similar photos - sexy but quite neposhlye - was a revelation in the mid-60s, when the shots with the image of women's bodies were a rarity.


Photographer: Brian Duffy

As the filming location was chosen Provence, but on assurances photographer "landscape played no role in the creation of pictures, the main thing - it's a woman's body." Photographer "catching" body parts and made them close up. New Pirelli Calendar was even more erotic than the previous one, but still quite conservative compared to his followers.


Photographer: Peter Knapp

Despite the exotic location shooting (Monaco), in my humble opinion, the Oriental color areas are not transferred to the photos. The models look too as Europeans, and photos can be confused with a photo of the calendars of the two previous editions. In 1966 Pirelli calendar for the first time "came out" - he was officially announced in the press.


Photographer: Harry Pechinotti

History of the creation of this calendar was more than dramatic. The shooting took place in Tunisia, and in this period between the Arab states and Israel, the war began. Everywhere were tanks unfolded hostilities, was evacuated, and Harry Pechenotti (photojournalist in the past) was overcome passion for documentary photography, for which he was arrested by police, who confiscated his all films ... except one - which was the whole footage for the calendar. Police then arrested the producer of the project, who was trying to fly out of the country with the film itself, but he miraculously managed to spend "valuable cargo".

Pirelli Calendar 1968 - is the original illustrations for the poems of famous European poets. Initially line of poetry would put under the photos, but this is not enough producers appeared and made the calendar application in the form of audio tapes on which the sensual voice read those same verses. In addition, the calendar '68 famous because it worked on models of different nationalities and with different color of skin - the first time in the short history of the creation of the calendar.


Photographer: Harry Pechinotti

This calendar is entirely focused on California - at the time this state was the embodiment of "the American dream" with its white-toothed smile, tanned bodies and seductive bikini. This time Pechinotti came a brilliant idea - he went to Los Angeles without models - hoping to find them there. He shot random girls (many of them did not even know about it) and got a lot of pictures showing scenes of real life.


Photographer: Francis Dzhakobetti

At this time the crew went to the Bahamas. Thanks to the skill of the photographer, who at that time repeatedly cooperated with Playboy, the new calendar has turned out to be extremely erotic and emotional, even for our time. In the photo there is a naked female breast or other public private parts, but the image just gush emancipation and sexuality. It was this issue brought immense popularity calendars Pirelli - he wanted to get the members of the British royal family and members of Beatles.


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