All shades of green

Somehow I never really paid attention to green dress celebrities - I always thought that they avoid this color and try to wear green things as little as possible, but it turns out, the stars often appear in public in a green dress.

For example, Sarah Jessica Parker in a dark green dress, stylized snake skin

Hayden Panettiere

Scarlett Johansson in a strapless dress

Jennifer Connelly in an interesting dress Balmein

Christina Applegate and her version of the green dress

Kate Moss green maxi dress and leather jacket

Christina Aguilera

Rihanna was spotted several times in dresses green shade, for example:

Drew Barrymore is also sometimes seen in public in green:

Taylor Swift and tiny green dress

Sienna Miller

Leighton Meester

Victoria Beckham and her options:

Beyonce and two variations on the theme of green dresses

Dita Von Teese clearly loves raaaaaznye shades of green

Eva Mendes

Amy Adams

Mila Kunis

Incomparable Catherine Zeta-Jones

Elisabeth Moss

Angelina Jolie

Photo:, celebuzz.cim,


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