Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth, as you know, is not only a talented actress, but also a fashion model - and this is, as always, is experimenting with looks. Over the years of its output on the red carpet Kate managed to diversify their heart's content hair and makeup, changing beyond recognition.

Young skin does not need excessive make-up and blond hair strike a healthy glow.

According to Kate, with brown hair, she felt more confident.

Spectacular lips, Kate perfectly emphasizes the bright lipstick color of tea roses.

Orange and gold - a chic choice for blondes!

Platinum hair look great with elegant make-up, such as highlighted arrows and pale lips.

Lightweight translucent lip gloss in conjunction with casually elegant bean give Kate a special glamor, glamor carefree youth.

Matte leather and natural color of the lips - the perfect complement to the blond curls.

Frankly, I do not like Kate in retro style - cold wave and scarlet lipstick, but as an experiment - why not?

And here and careful styling and radiant skin is to face Keith, creating a magnificent glamorous image.

Photo by InStyle


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