Actress Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth could never become an actress. After all, girls childhood was devoted to the sport. Kate had little spare time - she has been studying the French language, horseback riding, and advocated for the football team and lacrosse team. Starting at age 15 in "caster" Robert Redford, to twenty-three Kate could boast of the strength of a dozen paintings, only one of which was a blockbuster ("Superman Returns," 2006). Showered her script, but Bosworth says that "likes to check on your little" and look for the roles that she did not offer ...

It all started when Robert Redford for a role in "The Exorcist" needed an experienced rider girl - Kate Bosworth, the same enthusiasm as a game, and horses, was the ideal candidate. So Kate began acting in movies.

"As a child I was more like a boy-tomboy than girls pripevochki. My father played with me in football, volleyball, basketball. The first thing he taught me, it's fall. »

Incidentally, the actress hobbies sports seen in the movie "Blue Crush," which starred Bosworth surfing Anne Marie Chadwick. Kate had to undergo rigorous training: seven-hour daily jogging, swimming and, of course, surfing. During filming, she received a few cuts and scratches, and was in the hospital. However, the game was worth the candle - Bosworth perfectly played its role and was soon nominated for two awards at MTV.

In 2000, the grown-up Kate Bosworth, at the time she was 20 years old, appeared in the film "Beginners" and "Remember," Titans ". In the same year she appeared in the famous TV series "Young Americans". But fame brought her painting "The Sea", "Superman Returns" and the movie "21".

Starring in the film, I am obliged to give a certain number of interviews, it's part of my job. But I do my best to not twist in the kaleidoscope of magazine covers and fashion shoot. If this is too carried away, life becomes hell. And I'm very conservative. Love peace

In parallel with the shooting in the movie, Kate starred for advertising in magazines. In January 2008, Kate Bosworth is the new face of Calvin Klein Inc. Kate wonderful pictures.

This year, Bosworth has decided to release a collection of denim things together with your stylist Cher Coulter and his girlfriend. This is not their first attempt to try yourself as a designer, they have created a jewelry line for JewelMint.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Kate Bosworth at the show Burberry:

Themselves in fashion Kate also found recently:

"In the past, going to a party and not knowing what to wear, I was just trying to quote the style of a man who, to my taste, looks good. Now I know what I want, which is to take and where to put on & quot ;.

Thus, gradually, a lover of beer and playing lacrosse became eschee and exemplary fashionista. By the way, Kate - not fond of outrageous and colorful cosmetics.

Personal life Kate Bosworth has always attracted the attention of the press. But Kate has always been very secretive and did not give detailed comments. After the break with Orlando Bloom and Alexander Skarsgard, Kate Bosworth has found personal happiness with a 40-year-old director Michael Polish. And yet they are fine.


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