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Kate Winslet is known to us for many years, to be precise 15 because her star really began to shine after the movie "Titanic", which was released on the big screen in 1997. In this motion picture Winslet was subtle, strong, beautiful and very stylish young girl, but her style of life was far from ideal on-screen. After the film, Kate had to work hard to look on the red carpet as they are now, as in the "Titanic", but she did it in her 36 years, she is considered one of the most stylish "King of Hollywood". Not only that, talented and beautiful, so still and stylish. Now.


Until grand success of "Titanic" Winslet managed to star in the movie "Sense and Sensibility", which brought her first fame and the first nomination for "Oscar" in the category "Best Supporting Actress". Kate has not received a statuette, but one of the first to complain about the red carpet ceremony. The black lace suit 21-year-old actress has not yet was the "English rose", which it subsequently christened, but it is one of the first outputs of the promising actress is so absurd and so the image can be forgiven. Equip absurd, but many positives!

Even more strange ensemble Kate opted for one of the social events in the same year. Well, God be with him; dear, where is your hairbrush? Unusual to see this amazing actress in this way, even too unusual ...


Herculean efforts were behind and the movie "Titanic" has died down in the cinemas. The actor also had to listen to the praise and have cherished awards. At the ceremony, "Oscar" Kate appeared in a luxurious brocade dress by Alexander McQueen and her knight of the night was Jim Triplton, with whom she broke up in 2001. Unfortunately, the wonderful green dress with gold embroidery did not help Kate take the statuette "Oscar" in the hands, because Award for "Best Actress" went to another actress. But "Titanic" Winslet should be grateful not only for glory, but for the brilliant red curls, she was advised to do stylists film.

Let Kate and is not recognized, but it is definitely uneven breathing to lace. At the award "Golden Globe", she appeared in a light long black dress, decorated with beautiful lace inserts. It looks good, but too intimate attire, but to show off in front of DiCaprio's worth it.


Gorgeous curves. Kate is one of the few who really are so simple dresses.


Carefully ironed white tuxedo, black slacks «Dolce & Gabbana» and no extra emphasis. Kate value simplicity, but there's something very boring autfit. Bottom absolutely do not like, but the jacket is sitting and the amazing view of the female exudes confidence in his own irresistibility. In the photo, Kate 27 years.

Came the "Oscar" and Kate again an outsider. She was not awarded a statuette, but recognized as one of the most stylish women of the evening. Until now, this red dress by Ben de Lisi appears in lists of the best dresses in the history of the "Oscar".


Bohemian chic is not bypassed, and Kate, who in 2004 at the «Venice Film Festival» tried on a dress the color of mint. This bow is not the best in her "stylish evolution," but the fact that it is very refreshing it - the truth.

Ben de Lisi and Kate Winslet definitely found each other. This dress aquamarine again the handiwork of a designer who makes the second time Kate magical nymph. By the way, this dress Winslet appeared on one of the premiere of the film "Finding Neverland" with Johnny Depp and by herself in the lead roles.


Usually the creative union Badlam Mark and James Mischka dresses of great beauty, but here I did not see what I wanted to see. In this dress we flaunt graduates every year, though the length of the dress can vary depending on the moral education of schoolgirls.

Winslet crazy not only lace, but from all shades of blue. Here the actress on the «Palm Springs Film Festival Awards»:


Pastel green silk dress «Valentino» perfectly and once again Kate proves that elegance in simplicity. It is important to know how to present yourself.


In a short dress with an open bottom you see Kate again two years 5-10, so this case is actually the unit:


And here is the second image with a mini black frock: cheeky and sexy ...

Dress in mermaid style of Zac Posen:

This dress by Yves Saint Laurent is already a relic, because it is in him, Kate received her first and so far the only "Oscar" for the film "The Reader»:


YSL - a winning brand for Kate and so it reiterated in this fashionable home by one of the dresses presented in the new collection for the next publication. I must admit that this option is better than in 2009. Kate learns very quickly smekaesh she goes and what is not especially.

Not a woman, but a piece of cake caramel ice cream. The image of the ideal, and even despite the fact that the dress from Victoria Beckham are designed primarily to hudyshek, Winslet got into the creation of Vicki was stunning. Beautiful Jimmy Choo sandals provided.

Dress illusory reducing waist has been in vogue immediately after the appearance of Kate. Stella McCartney can be proud of the fact that the actress chose a dress was her brainchild. He sits like a glove, and something like the original! I'm sure everyone gasped.


Another "Golden Globe" in the treasury and another stylish way to the museum the best bows Kate Winslet.


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