Kate Bosworth in Singapore Harper`s Bazaar

Actress Kate Bosworth became the heroine of the August issue of Harper`s Bazaar Singapore. For the cover photo shoot and actress tried on the image in the spirit of the 60s: shaggy hairstyle, make-up with the arrow keys and classic dress from Miu Miu.
In an interview with reporters edition Kate talked about her new online project Style Thief. This project is a mobile fashion app that will allow shopaholic find favorite outfit from the online store for photos and, of course, to purchase it online.

That's what the actress told about the motives of creating such a useful application:
"Every person has the fashion envy. Everyone can sometime feel that feeling, when, for example, looks at fashion photo shoots or other image, or display on the podium - at such times people want to get their favorite thing, well, or similar to her - said Kate. ยป

Kate Bosworth in a photo shoot for Harper`s Bazaar, Singapore, August 2014


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