Avtomodelizm - it's a hobby.

Long ago, long before my birth, appeared and began to develop in pace with scientific and technological progress is a sport as a "self-Sport».
Frankly, I'm not surprised at the self-union circles, but I've heard a lot of good and interesting things about them. When I was in more nor less conscious age, I tearfully begged his mother to take me to self-similar circle, where I could use my energy potential and send in the right direction to develop. However, the only thing that was able to find is the "residue" of model aircraft circle, which kept on pure enthusiasm already elderly grandfather-modeller. I like this club, even if I was not attracted to airplanes and even scored soon tired monotone cut strip to the wing pattern, but "it" also will not go then, and who knows how to fly ...

Today, avtomodelizm - it's a hobby. Hobbies serious character. Description of models, their characteristics, the Internet is teeming with photos, so tell only those models with which I faced.

The models are different. My passion started with scale models.
Bench model is a smaller copy of the details of the real car. Of course they can be of different sizes. Most popular 1:43, 1:24, 1:18

This is one of my first scale models. Scale models Bugatti EB 110 1:18

There are models to which I had a hand. Link to tuning and show your personality prevailed over the value of virginity model.
A few models who have been abused. (scale 1:24)

The models, which look and lyubueshsya- is good. Fine, but it would be desirable to riding and just rode and rode well. Finally, there was my opportunity to purchase a radio-controlled model.

It has become my favorite present from 26 June 2009.
Gift is very valuable and beloved, anxious to save and recall the first love of my life.
Yes, many associated with a small remote controlled cars in scale 1: 8, which we called the Pilotage Cyclone .28.
She has another name, American style. Your real name, which for marketing purposes, is covered by Russian office "Piloting". This is the name I know, but I call her simplicity "Machine».
Her story is very long, but I will try to describe all the thorny way of life of the car to this day.
What do we have?
Pilotage Cyclone .28
Length mm: 445
Width: 305
Height mm: 198
Wheelbase, mm: 328
Weight, g: 3200
ICE volume of 4.5 cm3
3.8 hp / 35000 rpm
Full time 4WD
It feeds on specific technical mixture consisting of 16% nitromethane and 84% of oil and other. Additives (there may be other options for fuel). And what I want to eat otmetit- very willingly. =)
All electronics are made by our narrow-eyed brothers and rather weak, which prompts me to be replaced by more reliable and efficient.
Force servo mark HongNor HNS-1 is not sufficient to effectively slow down and effectively turning.
From pluses:
1. Very fast, bright, aggressive
2. Quite a stable and balanced model
3. Simple structure, easy maintenance
4. A huge assortment of spare parts and tuning
Of the minuses:
1. Weak electronics factory
2. Expensive explosive, flammable fuel
3. Expensive parts
4. The object of danger to others.

And now- Pokatushki or as we whiled away the leisure time.

I had never been pokatushki without incident.
From the outset, it would not start, he gave in aerobatics, warranty pochinili.Skazali sleeve was skewed. First pokatushka.Ya not designed with gas and vpendyurit in Bochin Mercedes E-shku, bespectacled, he left two deep scratches on Bochin and cyclone bent the shock tower.
The following is a freewheel that is bearing the starter. he just burst.
Then he died, and the starter.
Then I decided to unscrew the heat sink (just to see what would be) and when to unscrew the bolt head in the left hexagon Malenik piece. I had to saw off. after that, I still took the radiator and gave master drilled the rest of the bolts from the block. When the Remove the bolt, I assembled the machine disappeared compression, Mashika choked and went, disassembled again smeared compensation rings between the block and the radiator and everything seems fine, then he died candle, bought a candle and a new starter.
First run on the new startere- pulled a rope starter, damn it, there on the spot repaired the cable, at home then parse this fucking starter, smeared it on a human being until pah-pah-pah works well.
sledushchy joke is, I decided to ride only in the rear wheel drive, how was I to know that if I remove the front propeller, then completely tear apart the clutch. broke the clutch, it turned into a stinking kroshivo (quite seriously) ...

I finally come Excellent aluminum grip set, everything is fine.
the evening went to the 411 battery
and once something went wrong, it was fall off the rear-wheel drive, I have to quickly put it withdrew shaybochki (there are shaybochki-tabs on the levers is) where the lever to the knuckle is fixed and lost it ... I had to use a piece of paper clips ... then like gone .
Kata Kata and here comes the girl and asked to try to direct the ... Lord, I'm even friends rarely give, and this fool reason to believe and gave ... as soon as she takes control at the machine turned on full throttle, it flies off into the bushes, there udaraetsya about that -That and turns, with a gas in the floor until seih long before she flies across the road, jumps on one of the trenches, and flies into the air to 3 meters ... falls flips vpanike I ran into her dark, thank God it worked, I it found the sound ... I tried to stop the engine, but the main exhaust pipe came off into the bushes, and I had to grab with his bare hands for the red-hot engine and exhaust metal pipe. itog- I burned all the ruki.Na This could have happened if we did not go last car ride to the Metro at the 6th kilometer ... seemingly everything is fine, but at some point, the machine made of cereal and strange ... I earned approached her, and the clamp on the exhaust pipe burst and flew off, and the exhaust pipe came off ...
We have long thought what to do and went to METRO buy plastic collars ...
We climbed this whole fucking subway clamps there. I do not see anybody postyagival with audio-video equipment a couple of delays for zamatyvaniya wires and we went to fix the exhaust pipe ... zamatali it was attached, was brought, we went.
2 minutes machine rides on 3 wheels, and one rolled towards the ...
the same day I broke the gum between the muffler and the exhaust pipe metal.
and found the nut, I put in place the wheel again brought ... and ... does not go well, and what?
go up look, propeller fell back, a cup which is mounted gimbal bearing tumbled and tumbled differential. the benefit is all due to poor mounting cups, everything fell into place and working.
Then I regained gum silencer made thoroughly). I put a new rubber gasket between the engine and a reception pipe.

All my efforts were in vain. Now I understand that it was a farm, and costs virtually nothing to invent, because quite hard to do better than the factory parts without having the necessary equipment. Moreover, it was interesting, the speed with which the machine travels. It was July ... the temperature of the board + 35C, very hot spark in the engine and 25% nitromethane fuel. Because of the long drive at maximum speed (80 km / h) and a maximum rotation (about 33 000 rev / min) bronze seal and the motor rod swam I said bye-bye!

So I killed the engine. Soon donor bought on ebay, donor came very sad. Motor proved very moody. Hardly now works, requires no configuration and maintenance.
PS, Drift on the engine buggy is also possible. Necessary adjustment is appropriate and Conditions.

But I have not stopped the buggy. And within six months on the part of the collected slider (Crawler) on the electric motor and parkticheski on the best units, not sichtaya of the chassis (which is by and large the most important). The chassis was a Chinese company Venom was frankly weak.
Crawler travels slowly, the engine must have high torque, and the wheels and suspension elements provide maximum engagement with the surface.

Crawler rather quickly tired, even though what I put into it the strength and soul, gathered to screw himself and hard earned money (honestly say cost the assembly of units is very expensive, with the same characteristics could buy RTR model is much cheaper but it had to have the money on hand, as I recall gathering in the car for half a year)

RC Park

Virtually all models. Not a lot, but veselo

I have already said that the crawler I quickly tired, and I in part exchange it for just such a thing
Alas, the joy he brought me a little. Because of some defect of his operation almost impossible. It requires repair.

By the way. It so happened that I was the owner of two engines for aircraft models.
Heh, have motors and aircraft not, but that does not stop me to check how they rabotayut

One of pokatushek watch until the end

The aircraft engine

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All comrades, I have finished. Thank you for your attention.
mnoyu- my delivery models. There is still a lot of interesting things -many in the modeling world ...



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