Hobbies are different

Hobbies, interests I mean - is such a broad topic! Who would have thought, for example, there is such unsafe for health and freedom hobby as photographing and recording the registration numbers of planes? It turns out there takoe.Prichem, not all countries treat him with due understanding. So, for example one such British observer Ken Kotlifa Greek vigilant guards were arrested and charged with espionage. Arrested was largely surprised, because at home it is completely free and without consequences involved in a hobby in front of airport security.
There is such a rare passion as carving, or tying knots. Any - marine, fishing. Tie.
There is an art to cutting vegetables. Yesterday was a post about tykvoreze. Today, expanding the range.

Someone is interested in the formation of trees. That is, grow them with some form.

Perhaps one of the most extreme - swimming with sharks. Well, there is. In pursuit of adrenaline man finds himself completely without a tower hobby.
But the passion that completely dumped me down - it's bursting bubbles plastic coating. It turns out that this is also officially registered hobby. Has a large number of fans. (Of course!) Among other things, it is, okazyvaaetsya very calming effect on the nervous system. But that's not all. Satisfaction, it turns out, is influenced by such factors as the rate of bursting, the sound and the number of bubbles in a single act. (This is not the case, as the British scientists have found)
In general, as I understand it, the habit of dragging the toilet literature also may well be attributed to the hobby. And not only that.


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