And then as popret!

Sometimes in life lucky. Not that there would not say. That's lucky man - and that's it. There are rare losers. Well, the plot for "unlucky", if exaggerated, it slightly. Probably, many remember among his friends-human catastrophe. But if you try to combine in one person, these two seemingly incompatible qualities? So, Croatia Frane Selak managed it.
Began his chronicle of half a century ago, in far 1962, when the train in which he was riding fell into the water. Fran got out and swam to shore with a broken arm. 1963. Leakage aircraft, our hero drains overboard. He was found in a haystack, and the rest were killed. 1966. Bus. Killing four, in Selak - such nonsense. 1970. Fire car during the trip. Fran gets out. Could not put out - car exploded. 1973 - another avtovozgoranie. At this time in the cabin. Scalp burns. Next comes more than two decades of interruption. Tired hero, tired-ispytatelnitsa fate. However, 1995 is a clash bus Selak. Bus - nothing, however, and Fran escaped with slight shock. The following year he failed downright cinematic trick. On a mountain road hero managed to notice rushing toward the truck swerved to the side of the abyss and jumped out of his car. With regard to age (66 years) and the lack of a little bit of preparation for this kind of action - just fantastic.
But, as it turned out, not on the field looking for adventure, Mr. Selak. In 2003 he decided to go buy a lottery ticket. For the first time in my life. The risk paid off - Fran won a million dollars.
Here we go. Look for - and ye shall find. Though in his old age, but nice.
P.S. So who is he - or lucky?


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