Chef and land? - I can not, I'm in the park

In Norway the harness! Flew an airplane from Trondheim in Mush, carrying forty passazhirov.Otmahali are three hundred and fifty miles separating these cities, and turned back, it reached a few minutes and ten kilometers to the destination. Choate Well something happened?
It turns out that the crew elementary ended working day! Explanations issued by Wideroe, MDM belongs wandering ship, to put it mildly, are pretty controversial. (A simpler - oborzhatsya possible) Actually, there is some explanation only two points:
1. The need for compliance with labor laws.
2. No relief crew at the airport of arrival.
It's like, I'm sorry? If people without rest flew back and forth, then that's fine and well within the working hours and labor laws. And if all of a sudden, God forbid, they landed and then took off again - it is already full guard and wild exploitation? No, I'm serious! And the fact that forty people waved handle with air the place of their expected arrival and somehow unexpectedly flew back to them - it is also corresponds to common sense and legal framework?
Yes, and most lovely comments airline, is that they have decided to return the plane at the last moment. We must assume that before the lack of any relief crew or paragraph in the labor law, it was not known.


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