Constantine "Cat" Biryukov. Lifeguard, who became an actor

Anatoly Golubovskii h6>

< - In medicine, came into force on family tradition or personal choice?
 - This is a random selection. Six years ago, I had nothing to do with medicine. From the word "all." When mom got sick, I was wound like crazy all over the city in search of at least a nursing student to put her drip. I'm not a doctor, and a lifeguard. I conduct training to provide emergency aid. Someone specialty - "stew", someone - a diver, and I teach. Sometimes it is easier to teach a person a basic medical knowledge than to prepare physician-teacher. So I'm in the first place - a teacher and only then - a man pertaining to medicine. The rest - the self. A lot of training and refresher courses, internships. Had never thought that in 30 years will be spending the night on the anatomical atlases, abstracts, learn first aid algorithms and names of bones. Well, plus work as part of ambulance crews gave her.

< - And what was the impetus?
 - In fact, I have a law degree. He worked, however, the specialty is not much, mainly as a student. And then suddenly realized that the "Fundamentals of Intellectual Property Management" and "... in accordance with Article 1134 of the Civil Code" - it's not me. Tried many professions. He worked as a security guard, a school teacher, a driver, even a mason. Was motokurerom postal service - three winters "top" on the scooter. There has grown up the post of Director of Logistics. Spontaneously quit his penultimate place of work to nowhere. And somehow saw the announcement that the rescue service managers are required. My previous job was just a department on work with clients. Requirements for applicants matched. Took. Worked a little dispatcher. Then he helped in the organization of training on first aid. Then again helped. First asked to read one topic. Then the whole module. And now, almost five years reading))

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< - The program that you give it whose development?
 - We are working on the standards of the European Resuscitation Council and American Heart Association. These are the two largest global organizations developing modern standards of rendering first aid. What we read, slightly adapted to Ukraine, but still more effective than what we have taken. We are also, in fact, no one has ever taught what to do until the ambulance rides. Basically, what to do upon the occurrence of "very, very, pipets." But the right to call an ambulance, do not push in the mouth to the spoon-line knives - no, that we almost do not teach.

< - I wrote in late May on the case of application received on your knowledge courses during an attack on a polling station ( ) < general, have some feed-back from former students?

 - Yes, very often students phoning and writing, saying "I'm here ... yesterday ... well, there was this ..." Once we figured - three years ago, the first record was recorded in three weeks. I mean, by the end of the course before getting into a situation of assistance. Then 10 days, 5. And recently - assistance after an accident the day after graduation. I'm afraid already, then what right on course?

< - Your Training Center has the ability to grow in breadth?

 - The main problem - not enough people who know how to teach, to work with the audience. Sometimes offensively. Here you talk with your doctor, he will paint on a napkin you all the stuff will tell all. Something that in medvuzov allocated half of the semester, 20 minutes, lucidly and clearly. And out on the audience and "dies". Language swallowing, speech lost. Me in this respect like the European practice of teaching. The course is taught police policeman hairdressers - hair stylist. All logical. Professional. Subject knows slang owns. We do not teach how to "treat people," and explain what to do "before the arrival of the cavalry 'probation. And so - select. Learning to teach. But a little while.

< - Where born / grew up?
 - Born in Kiev. Spent most of his childhood in the Far North - parents burying their careers, were taken to the "evacuation" of Chernobyl. Earned it an allergy to cold and rejection of low temperatures. With 93 live in Ukraine almost bezvylazno.

< - Why choose a law?
 - Well, it was not really my choice. I wanted to enroll in a theater. But parents said that the actor - is not a profession. Say, loans, son, something serious! And when the rate of the fourth became clear that lawyers, like dogs nerezanyh. And, in general, not mine. Well, finish my studies. In general, a diploma - not a crust of knowledge, as a sign that you are able to learn. Understandably, the institute could not get involved in KVN, almost until the end of his studies he played in the team, "Apple", the captain we had the now famous Max "Icebreaker" Bakhmatov, there began Anton Lirnyk, Garik Birch, Andrei Bogdanovich.

< - Well, as you were in school?
 - Little fat ugly boy, with whom no one really did not want to be friends. Therefore, the best my friends were books. A class in the 9th, I started aikido. There are not forced to do push-ups and squats, which I could not do physically, with a diagnosis of "ozhirenine II-th degree." And then there were changes. In the 10-11 class old greasy jackets gave way to jeans and a sweater.

< - All - Aikido?
 - Yes I Am. Two years on understanding. An awareness of their own forces.

< - As in your life appeared Square?
 - Oh. It was a pretty hard time in life. Three years ago I went to the woman he loved. Suddenly. I came back from a long trip, but at home is empty. Then clinical depression with all the consequences. I mean, it's not a figure of speech, it was a real diagnosis. My military occupational specialties - a psychologist, so I know. It is clear to the doctor, no one spoke. I drank a lot. Went even Troieschyna "for blood." Well, "dokovyryatsya" to the locals. One to three, all honest - or you or you. All the same. And then at some point I realized that I can not drink any more. Enough. And I saw, not to fill the mountain or is there something else. Could not sleep without it for weeks. Just could not imagine how you can sleep if it is not there.
Later, I began to fall consistently announcement of a set in the Cheka. Just pursued. Not only in the network, but also some talk of remaining friends with me about the plays, sensations. And I thought, "Why not? You b ****, 30 years old! Can you at least once in their lives to do what you want, not what you want ?! ". Came the first round and just did not run away from it. Stood in the corridor and thought, "Well, what am I doing here? Children around some 18-20 years. I have something much ?! "was about to leave, but then came Anatoly and called" coming "in the room. Still went.
Sing, dance could not. Guys do not dance, everyone knows)) Jokes, stories - this is enough. Told. Surprised to hear: "See you on the second round." On the second no longer go but could not. Came after Achilles tendon injury, stabbed himself in the toilet analgesic. Dance of the second round - those were still «pas» «wounded gazelle." Thank Fima, then helped down from the stage. And even more stunned when adopted. I enjoy so far.
By the way, the theater again introduced me to people with whom I had not seen for many years. We, as it turned out, long before (this is for 10 years prior to my receipt) and were familiar with Fima Baytlerom and Anna Janowickie. Then spread her life. Probably to meet again.

< - Your work - constant work to the public. When you read the courses, you have everything - the ability to keep the audience, temporitme changes. What is the problem to transfer it to the same "flesh»?
 - You know, when classes started, I was surprised to learn that in recent years I have been working just in the genre of structural improvisation. It turns out sort of a six-hour solo performance. Therefore, these skills - yes, there is. But I had no other - the ability to work in close contact with a partner here and now. The courses I have assistants. "Second." My task - to give up their place and "cover" in case anything. A raft attached to a partner was unusual. What to bring? Where to run? So first rafts to get a "recumbent". Then more or less understood.

< - Some musical preferences are?
 - As a man, tormented music school in piano, naturally. Four years I honestly tried. Then my parents realized that the second Emil Gilels of me does not work, and retreated. But to understand classical music, as a bonus over the years, I have learned. In general, I'm pretty omnivorous. In my player last 10 years "live" Fruit drinks (Group J: Mors Belarusians from Vitebsk) - they are my panacea. And so, in the playlist and Russian rock, and «Eagles», which can be interleaved Wagner and Pashelbelem. Listen to all that the "per capita has laid down." Except, perhaps, quite "toxic" and "heavy».

< - What, even Mikhailov taking?
 - Stas Mikhailov and Vaenga just not listening. But Michael Krug, for example, in the playlist slips. Forgot the taste of childhood.

< - What did muzykalka except inner feeling of elitism?
 - Ability to understand classical music. And a little "earnings." Our driving schools also do not teach anything, only help to get the coveted license. I'm almost 15 years ago after getting the rights went to the family car on the night train. Well, that did not just ride and to "beat" the money for petrol, taking passengers. And now imagine - you vote for the night with the girl, and then pulls the old black Citroen, wide and shiny. And the driver agrees to your amount. Without talking. You sit down and go, and in the cabin classical music. And you - a big black car. I remember trying to take only a couple - they never asked to switch off and always gave in excess of a specified amount.
As a child, classical music has led me to a good book, but because they loved a good movie.

< - for example?
 - There is too much. Classic American cinema - films with Charlie Chaplin, Buster Kittonom. "Casablanca" with Humphrey Bogart. "Nights of Cabiria." The modern - "Forrest Gump" and "We Were Soldiers" with Gibson. The most-favorite movie - "The most Myunghauzen" I know it by heart.

< - The events that began on Independence a year ago, do you think of, shall we say, very cautiously.
 - Then I would have said. Attitude towards them I had a negative. I do not support Yanukovych and knew where he led us. But I did not like the implementation process. People who can not arrange a relatively small community of people on the Maidan, in my humble opinion, is not capable of running the country. I'm a little know anything about military affairs - such work. So, what I saw on the Maidan, in terms of military tactics and strategy "on the head not nalazit." At all. I was on the Maidan in the most risky moments - and 22 November, and then. But what I saw there, it was only the tip of the iceberg. More - more. When instead of smart initiatives begin taldychit about "stick revolyutsіyne sertse" I simply have no words. A further development we now see themselves. Well, they can not.

< - can not or do not want?
 - Can not. "People reasonable" began only connect now. And pull the country out of the ass, in which she found herself. Not taking advantage of the dividend Maidan. Just come and pull. The only trouble is that everyone is engaged only in the fact that he is interested as a specialist, as a manager. Consolidating no link.

< - Why do not they appeared earlier?
 - I think they had other priorities. They were not interested. Interested to participate here in this "hto not jumping ...", but now, once again, when the country was in a wild state, they come

< - Call someone.
 - For example, my namesake - Yury Biryukov, Advisor to the President. He is the patron of the project "Wings of the Phoenix", helping the army. In times of Maidan about this man I had not heard.

< - Have you been in a war zone?
Well, as it were, yes. We closely cooperate with the Ministry of Defense, the National Guard battalion of territorial defense.

< - Has its own picture of what is happening?
I think that if you give those people out there who direct the correct order without "lazhovaya" peace agreements and regimes "psevdotishiny" everything can finish very quickly. Sapper shovel. I would myself then wrote a report on the transfer.

< - How long have been to those places?
 - At the end of the summer. Since then provide training in military units and base camps. Experience has shown that there was no use to us. There's fighting. Educate people just returned from a raid, quite problematic. He is important and interesting that I tell, but he himself says: "Allow me, I will stand? Otherwise, go to sleep ».

< - Due to the nature of his regime, what plans you have for the KGB?
 - Ohhh! Of course, I would like to be involved more in-the "flesh", "Mafia", "... minutes before and after." But I'm here once calculated - from November to November, that is, over the past year, I had a 21 day off. Of them on Saturday or Sunday had to 8. That is, I do not have the physical capacity to put someone sketch. To how it should be - to sit down, write, suggest, to work, to show. It is impossible to "be creative". Although I'm fairly controlled actor, I think so. Place a problem - all do. I wanted to play the role of a pimp in the play "All women are sold" on the big stage for the start. And when it subsides, of course, I would prefer to be busier. And not only in the theater, but also in film acting.

< - «It is impossible to be creative." You did not have their proposals for sketches?
 - Were. In peacetime. About the army and the war. But now, I think it is somewhat inappropriate. Really like to have in addition to dreadnoughts "Dreadnoughts" Grishkovtsa was still his "How I ate a dog." Even rehearsed it. He is very close to me, this performance. Well this is my childhood, too, in which "cartoons done by people who hate children." And about the northern winter. And this is now - washing "Vzletka" in the barracks because not much different from the deck wash. In short, "about this person that no longer exists. Actually, it is, but really ... »
However, due to the political position of the author, I'm afraid there is no chance.

< - Can you tell us about your fears?
 - Hysterically afraid of spiders. And I keep on hand chic tarantula. He shaggy cool. And at the same time happened to be in front of a face krestovichok can cause a non-standard response.

< - A of the intangible?
 - I guess that is not controlled by me. And so ... Death - no. Meet her regularly. Also not afraid of loneliness.

< - Marry plan?
 - Well, we are all there once will. Although, if you go back to the fears I'm afraid to go back again to an empty house. Very afraid. I'm afraid, "the fate of the».

< - She left in your absence. Afraid of?
 - I think not. Unacceptable for me to lay hands on a woman. Even in the defense. Bad Education - happens. Probably could not or did not want to talk or talk about something.
I returned from a long trip. And when he saw the empty room in which it is no more, and sat down in the middle and howled. That's just like gone. And then I bare hands blew that room to "spare parts". Methodically and gradually - cabinets, sofa ... just lucky "noutu" I did not have time to unpack, and TV, he fell "successful". Father, when he heard the roar and rumble of the wall, jumped into the stairwell in shorts and called an ambulance. Those came, listened to the stairs, what's going on in the apartment, and said: "We - there ?! Oh nafig! We can only "cops" or "psihbrigadu" cause. In general, there you have such that veterinarians better, they have a special gun with tranquilizers ».
And then it was bad. I 100% agree with Bukowski: "When a woman has gone against you, forget about it. They can love, but then something inside of them flipped. And they can quietly watch you die in a ditch, hit by a car, and they spit on you ».
And six months later she married ...

< -Just?
 - Interesting question. For that simple? For the fact that I was a bad thing? So life in general, unpleasant piece with 100% fatality rate.
Simply for the fact that every breath without it was as if I trachea stabbed with a screwdriver? I do not know. Just became somehow anyway. Used to have, probably, so breathe. And recently, I learned that her daughter was born. So now it is already that ...

< - The first time grew a beard?

 - In November of last year. Purely by chance. Under the Charter service I put a short haircut. And with it I have such a kind that when I stopped by the cops, they asked, "And where you have a passport? Falshak ?! Help (certificate of release - approx. Ed.) Where ?! "And I that I have a peaceful profession, and I can quote for memory Percy Bysshe Shelley and learn by ear arias from" Pagliacci "Leonkavalo. And then ...
Found by trial and error of the master and "safe haircut." He cuts me "bald" for 2, 5 hours or even "double head to wash." And seems to be bald, but somehow safe. Then he went to a couple of months in Tibet, and I decided not to return it to get a haircut. At the same time, and do not shave.



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