Hobbies: A simple way to happiness!

Psychologists say that a person must necessarily be a hobby. But why? Is not it better to rest a couple of hours watching TV or go to the beauty salon, and not spend it, for example, in the embroidery? The benefits of a hobby, as well as which of them will be perfect for you.

Hobbies - this activity, gives a person pleasure, not work-related. The word comes from the English hobby and is translated as "Cheglik." Cheglik - a kind of bird of prey falcon, which in the XIV century for hunting grew. On the Egyptian frescoes, and in the myths of the sun god Ra was depicted as a man with a falcon head. It was a symbol of victory over the dark forces and earthly tribulations.
American psychologist Abraham Maslow XX century built the so-called pyramid of human needs. The lower its unit - it needs to ensure survival: food, shelter, rest ... This is followed by the need for security, the desire to protect themselves from failure and fear.
The next step is the need for social interaction, affection and support of others. As we meet the needs of one level are new. The highest level - a need for respect, self-esteem, competence, recognition from the environment and self-expression, the desire to realize the potential, the ability to develop their own individuality.
Psychologists consider a hobby as a way to self-realization. Currently hobby relates to the mandatory signs a successful person.


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