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If you think about it, not everything in modeling is reduced to the notion of a supermodel. There is also a top model whose fees in the millions, plus-size model, whose parameters are far from traditional 90-60-90, as well as a fitness model, which are unknown to the general public, but without them is hard to imagine the fashion industry. About them that will be discussed in this post.

Fit model (from the English. Fitting - fitting) or different house models (ie models Fashion House) - a girl, which create their own creations fashion designers. They spend hours, days and even months spent in the studio fashion houses, where the designer directly on them sew and try on clothes for their new collections. Their importance in the fashion industry is not as small as it seems, because the first impression, which produces clothing collection on the catwalk, in part depends on them, and in the case of online shopping, which is increasingly gaining in popularity, role models and fit all most home.

The main duty of a fitness model - is to help the designer to see how his work will look like in the end - on the podium or the average shopper (although it is doubtful, because the parameters fit models are not particularly different from the size of the models from the catwalk - the same 175 cm Zero growth and size). Speaking of options is to say that in the case of fit models are as close as possible to the ideas of the designer of the ideal female figure. This includes not only the growth, waist, hips and breasts, and shoulder width, length and size of the hands and feet, the different physical characteristics. Thus, a fitness model - a woman whose appearance is a visual embodiment of the aesthetics of the brand. And if the body and the face of the model meets personal preference of the designer, the contract it can be concluded on a very, very long time.

However, the work-fit model is not limited to fitting in sewing workshops. After working on the next collection of clothing is completed, the model is still out on the podium, it usually shows the cruise collections and couture fashion house. But unlike other models who have been entrusted to show on the show two or three fashionable image, the output fit models is limited to one time. And this despite the fact that the fit model will never open or close the show.

So who becomes a fitness model? As with any issue, here there are two opinions. Some believe that the fit-care model, those who for one reason or another failed to build a "full-fledged" career with fashion shows and photography, so they prefer to somehow stay in the fashion industry, even as a living mannequin. For others, it is popular model with great potential who liked the designers even before they were able to see their colleagues. In this work house models are always well paid and some of these girls are collaborating with designers for many years. An example is 33-year-old model Amanda Sanchez, who works with Chanel since 1999.

In the record of the Spaniard Amanda mainly cooperation c Chanel. She has appeared on almost every show Fashion House since the late '90s, but it was impossible to see any photo shoot in a glossy magazine or a fashion show another brand. For this she was nicknamed Ā«Chanel mystery girlĀ». A similar fate and have a different model house Chanel Alina Kozelkova - the last time she took part in the fashion show another brand in 2007.

The same can be said about the sultry Brazilian Marilia Dutra, but its main customer for many years is the Oscar de la Renta.

Fit models are not known to the general public, but this does not prevent them from being muses talented designers. For example, Polina Kasina long worked with Alexander McQueen himself, who created a lot of interesting images, trying them on the dark-haired girl, and after his death she continued cooperation with the Fashion House, but as a muse Sarah Burton.

Lithuanian model Agnes Zogla since 2000 has worked with Valentino, but after the departure of Valentino Garavani, who was her good friend, passed into the fashion house Armani, again as a fitness model.

However, not all fit models are fit models to the end of his career. There are cases where the work-fit model - the first step on the way to a bright future of the model. For example, a native of Tyumen Ekaterina Kiseleva, which now makes shows for Gucci, DVF, Chloe and removed for Elle, for several years has been a fitness model fashion house Louis Vuitton.


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