Guarantees of success no. Do what you like


But now sit down and write a post is a masterpiece. Such that for centuries. To share from Facebook in the social network to be printed and read aloud at conferences and meetings of friends.

Enthusiastic fans are all as one, add me in "friends", my blog will conquer all the tops, and forever will be number 1 in Russian, and then in the global blogosphere. Irvin Yalom asked about the style of his new book, and the mayor of Khabarovsk will give new apartment.

One problem – to discover the secret guaranteed writing posts masterpieces. So to know for sure – now I'm writing something that may shake the Uni... well, at least the Ground. I want a guarantee of success.

And about this guarantee of success, that you made sure will resonate with other people, stumbles a lot of peoplewhose work is somehow connected with the recognition from others. That is, almost everything.

For many, to create something and not know whether it is accepted is unbearable. But... it is Absurd to demand from the scientists to ensure that they make the discovery.

If someone needs them – he simply fell out of real life. It is absurd to expect from the musician that every piece of music will be a hit...

Today was a wonderful conversation with a client: how not to worry about whether it would be accepted by listeners another musical composition or not. How to make without a doubt to be sure that your music or your story will not go unnoticed. My answer was this: nothing.

Unpleasant response. Leaves a lot of room for alarm. However, life is improvisation, in which no one can predict where it will get "to the point", and where it will lead into the swamp. Many times I have seen in my experience that it is impossible to calculate what will affect the reader of my own posts and what my words will respond to the client in the process.

Proven techniques fail, and what you do from impotence suddenly bears fruit.

One day I was approached by my former client, with whom I worked briefly, and said that six months after the completion of our work, he remembered one of my phrase – and it's very, very handy. I have this phrase I do not remember absolutely.

And sure it's a banality that turned out to be in a particular situation, a kind of "masterpiece". But this "masterpiece" is dependent not from me and not from my efforts.


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To be able to think: Where the thought is there and the energy


The desire to leave behind something, keep a memory on the Ground – one of the most beautiful, in my opinion, manifestations of the human spirit.

But a guaranteed way to write this trail is to write indelibly on the rock "Vasya was here". Or to do something out of the ordinary, the terrifying, the glory of Herostratus guarantees success. But if something positive to try to remember – there is, alas, no one promises.

There are no guarantees. Do what you like, and to hell with it, with this track in the Universe. The recognition of something as a masterpiece – not in our competence.

It is in our power to do something in the future can suddenly be something outstanding.To calculate this, we'll never be able.published


Author: Ilya Latypov




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