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"We have a moment of time a particle of freedom in order to dispose of their moment, the spark of consciousness that illuminated the world. The sense of time as a resource, "pebbled leather", decreasing irrespective of the satisfaction or dissatisfaction of our desires is a feeling inherent only to adults having the ability and desire to reflect on life".

V. Druzhinin.



Long wanted to write an article about the sensation, which caught myself, and I am told a lot of people. It's a rush, an experience that late, not in time. Life rushes ahead, and you behind. Gotta run, have to catch — it is not clear where to run and catch, but the anxiety behind this motivation is never clear of objects and directions. She just pushes: run, run, do something, or else. "the Clock is ticking, and not...".

I wanted to write for a long time, but whenever I sat, froze in stupor. Never was a thought, but if something managed to print, then some fragmentary, incoherent thoughts.

One of the causes of stupor I found earlier: the desire to cover the entire topic of our haste "for life". This global, interesting to me topic, but it would require probably a book that would cover a lot of issues: the structure of modern consumer society; history of impact of technology designed to "save time", to reduce this time; and the appeal to the fact been constructed by different societies of the past, where the rhythm of life was more measured.

Powerful, globally — and unrealizable at the moment. The elephant, which can't and don't want to eat right now... When I allowed myself not to eat, and to take up individual pieces of the aspects of the rush, then noticeably relaxed. "Do it immediately and quickly" — a strong incentive to rush and nothing to do.

But there was a second aspect of the stupor, which I discovered yesterday. The day before I was going to write this post, however, I had a desire to restore order after the chaos at home by the children. And I have just the free half of the day, there's no one home and you really want to popjustice and throw away trash. The process itself is enjoyable.

The desire to write a post and clean up together to fight — and got stuck in the clinch. I'm trying to simultaneously do both — and can do nothing. Of a calm, relaxed state I mobiletoys, there is a fear not to do something that I want from this strain even more and do neither one nor the other. Because in that clinch any job that I'm trying to do at the moment, feels like a hindrance, a barrier to the business that I seem to be postponed.

Sit down to write text — and feet in a light tension twitching, your head goes blank and hands reach for the mouse to... on Facebook and be distracted for a while from the struggle of post clean up. Hello, procrastination...

Relaxation came in a moment of awareness that I do something in no time. Namely, to write an article. Well, my time is limited and my ability, and try to do two things at once lead to the fact that do nothing, and the feeling of but at the same time there are increases with every minute. Yes, time is a resource, but it is impossible to stretch it, like all resources, is limited. A popular idea about "multi-tasking" is simply unrealistic: we can't effectively do several things. Constant switching from one to another degrades the work and with the help. In the end, I or something still "no time" and I will know both, but feel I will be thus depressed. Or, more likely: neither one nor the other... well, today I do not write the article. And, after a flash of sadness, with pleasure, slowly and quietly, went out to the kitchen.

So we have two conditions that produce intense anxiety in the present, whatever I was doing:

a) "Do it immediately and quickly."

b) "Do two or three or four things at once". And better if directly and quickly.

Using these ideas can any business or into a stupor, or to create the feeling of being late.

But what pushes us to accept these often-unrealistic demands on yourself? I'll try to briefly articulate their views:

1. First, the pressure of the environment. "Clock is ticking" and you're still not married, no children, no million in the account, no car, no that, no this... the Pressure from the relatives, superiors, public opinion. The more we are dependent on this pressure (but completely independent from people I don't know), which turns into a haunting whisper of alarm somewhere in his chest, the stronger the rush.

You need to have time to present the company signs its usefulness and viability, is still alive. And time less... "I was thirty, you need to have children, and the right woman is there, and I was thirty...". The pressure is not only in terms of achieving something, but in terms of lifestyle. For example, to live "vigorously, driving, castigatori — good, but disappointing — bad."

The pressure often manifests itself in fear behind the General flow. When everyone is running, it is very difficult to go slowly. Checked in the Moscow subway :)). No "lag" from fellow students/classmates. Need to read the news — and suddenly something important happens and I'm not in the business?.. Yes, and a herd instinct has not been canceled... If it is very scary to live your life or be in some moment of loneliness or isolation — will rush in the leg. Even if you feel that you run out of steam.

2. Overvalued ideas. Any feature of overvalued ideas: it completely devalues the present. Any classes that you do now, and which are not associated with implementation of this overvalued ideas, be a hindrance. In other words, just listen: life is a hindrance to the goal.

If "marriage" or "birth" becomes overvalued idea, that any man by himself is only the provider of the status or sperm. Men it's good to feel like women when men are overvalued idea is, for example, sex and all. But the main overvalued idea, which will lead to a state of "run like hell" is, in my opinion, the idea that our individual lives must be some kind of result. By the age of 30 something, 40 — this, and to 50 something. The tougher "standards" — the faster you run.

3. Overestimation of your own abilities and resources. It is very difficult sometimes to admit that the body's resources are finite. For myself I know: for me the signal "it's time to stop or slow down the pace, who scored" often is a disease. Is not sick, is under the illusion that it will be able for a long time the pace to maintain.

In fact, ideas about "at once, quickly and a lot" — hence the growing. The value of care. to a low, because if you become more careful — will start to lag! And how much money not yet earned, how many interesting things have not yet learned how many career heights not yet achieved! Just do not have time, and something's got to give — but no, we can do everything!

4. The temptations of the outside environment. Modern culture is built on constantly to arouse in us new desires/impulses that we rushed to satisfy. And incentives — weight. Cheerful posts about children/holiday at sea/new projects in the social.networks. Funny videos. News as entertainment. Tempting programs about travelling around the world. New clothes, new food, new-new-new... And again, again, again... the Mixing balance of pleasure and satisfaction (and this is a very different condition!) in favor of fun. The apotheosis, and the symbol of all this are of a stampede during the Christmas sales.

5. The feeling of deficit. The temptations of the outside environment is a wonderful combination of a sense of scarcity: abundance is a lot, but you sure as hell something will not get if I don't hurry. Not enough at all. First things wipe off of the counter, and then think, you need or not. Mass manipulation, encourages us not to listen to ourselves, and to do impulsive, hasty actions are based on creating a sense of scarcity. The idea that "this is not enough, and you might not get it" displaces the question "is it necessary?"

So, where are we going? To someone else's approval... To the minute pleasures that help to escape from frustration... To overvalued ideas, when it seems that follow them — and the meaning of life (which, however, passes by...). Hurry, because used require verhnesaldinsky, squeezing the last drops of energy out of the body. Rush because to give up anything not, everything becomes equally valuable...

Here... All these I have mentioned aspects of rush are combined with the impossibility for man to distinguish the priority. Please note: the priority, not priorities! I have "priorities" cause stress, anxiety, and speaking of priority, I calm down. Because the primary task/goal can be only one — on it and the primary.

You can't have multiple "most important" cases. And when we are here and now doing really the most important thing, the importance of which identified themselves, then the conflict goes away. Because the soil for him there. The day before yesterday the most important thing was the cleaning. Yesterday/today — article. Just scheduled for today in no time. What is most important to me now? The rest — albeit important — can wait, because it is not "the most". Be present only in one thing.



Why are we so often do NOT UNDERSTAND each otherIntolerances proximity

The case for "a trifle": breaking through numerous hindrances, to hear your own voice. Sensing the growing anxiety and rush, ask yourself, "where am I in a hurry?" — and wait for the birth of the answer. And choose priority. One.

Stay with what you do/what now are — or choose something else that more insistently requires our presence. We're gonna make it, we'll be late, but it will not make it never. But very sad, trying to be in time everywhere, nowhere really to neprijatnosti, not catch anywhere and nowhere...posted


Author: Ilya Latypov


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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