For the pleasure you are going to pay

Fun – thing is very questionable, and it will always have to pay. It seems that this is one of the fundamental units in our Russian culture. If we add the contemporary obsession with relevance and "castigation" every success, we get a pretty explosive cocktail.

Day and night working woman understands that I am exhausted. Pulls out a favorite book, starts to read it and... can't relax. It gnaws the idea that she immediately relaxes, and so many things around haven't converted. Time to rest is not valued, and if you are doing what you love, but it is "unproductive" — this is unacceptable, are you going to feel remorse for wasted time... Leisure is a luxury that is not right... baby-Sitting, starting to like what they excitedly tell you, immersed in this warm evening atmosphere – and again unbidden thoughts that there is so much still here it is necessary to dig, and then you indulge in the pleasures...

He and she met, felt a sympathy and attraction to each other. They have no "second halves". And they "accidentally" has sex. The next morning he gets up with serious thoughts about what to do now with this woman. She is thinking "not if I made something wrong... is it too soon?"... There is another option – even before sex when they talk to each other, and he thinks: "well, I'll sleep with her... And then what?" As if sex itself does not matter, it is not valuable in itself, and should anything else be, it is necessary to pay a communication, which really is not interested in remorse for having "used him/her for sex...". Somehow, in this situation, it is forgotten that not enough to tempt – we still have the "other side" to be tempted, to seek pleasure (and forgets about it and he/she who casts the reproach: "you used me/and!")... And someone can be difficult to admit that it was cool this night, to dwell on thoughts of "what's next", instead just say something like "it was great".... Comes to the absurd: one well-known public figure who was caught having sex with a prostitute, was justified in front of his wife that sex with a woman of easy virtue he had received. As if the problem is not actually adultery, and this crime and forbidden pleasure...

Banned for many, the pleasure of eating. Counting each calorie eaten may be pleasing to someone, but deprives the joy of eating. "Sweet? Me, please, this tiny piece. Me and him-that is impossible...". Everything with this attitude and from a small piece of cake joy will be the joy that had not eaten in excess. But somehow it's divorced from the reality of what is happening here and now. Similar: instead to enjoy the fireworks, shoot it on camera and enjoy a frame.

Stupid Comedy or weepy melodrama? They are not supposed to have fun, we as a developed people, can not enjoy such primitive things. However, with Fellini, Tarkovsky also somehow uh... not happy, but to admit that was moved from the "snotty-sweet" scenes or neigh like a horse on a completely stupid American Comedy, something not allows. And instead surrender to this simple pleasure, one begins to save the image of a "developed person".

You can still endlessly enumerate the situations in which certain people forbid themselves to truly immerse yourself in the experience of happiness, euphoria, delight.

Have fun, I think, have two main enemies: hurry and driven into the psyche of the installation (introject) associated with the ban on the joy of life. If we "naskoryak" snack something tasty – taste really is not disclosed. Sex quickie is more of a détente than a genuine receiving and giving pleasure. "Swallowing" books, not enough time to really feel the style of the author or empathize with the characters, consume only the pure information... But we haven't learned to watch the movie quickly, with ever-accelerated fast, but I guess this will not happen... the Children feel this rush, and so offer the "quick play" cause violent protest is impossible, it kills all the fun of the process and satisfaction from result...

When you reach success it is very important to make time to enjoy him, to celebrate him. It's not a waste of time, is an important life milestone, it's a reminder of who you are, what you like where you're going. Otherwise this picture: mountaineers climbed hard to reach the top and immediately went down once to jump, to shout, to rush...

Here we come to the second "enemy" — settings-interactome. For someone to rapidly Express joy is somehow undignified, seemed childish and stupid. And then you can help it, but at the same time to kill his own delight and thrill. Someone immediately thinks about the consequences, about paying, even before they came, and not arguing about whether all these consequences.

Fun reminds us that we live what we do what we want. And if it does not, then isn't that too high a price for what we where-that will make it or will defend their own (?) ideas about how it should? published

Author: Ilya Latypov


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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