Violence to yourself

Recently, a lot of think about violence as a way of interacting with the external and internal world.

It is this way, it is very and very popular, especially where a long time was very popular "the whole world of violence we destroy" and iron hand drove mankind to happiness…

What is violence?I understand it as any form of influence of one person to another in order to force him against his will to do what is necessary first.

Seventy million six hundred sixty thousand six hundred sixty nine

If you want me to change — you commit violence because you don't ask me if I would be willing to change — and not even ask in which direction. And so you all decided…

When I am not asking you what you want, and trying to change you — I am also using violence. And no matter who I am — a relative, friend or even a psychologist. And if I'm impatient, and want to help/benefit, regardless of the capabilities of a person is also violence, because I'm trying to force the other to do something first I want. Or encourage another to use force against oneself.

But violence only destroys...

When trying to fight with you in the name of themselves, it is still only in the ruins.

Is defeated, "narcissism", you get crushed initiative, trampled the energy of achievements.

Frenzied gnawing of dependence, with the meat pulling the capacity for warm affection...

Hating myself-introvert, get episode complete isolation.

Two million seven hundred eighteen thousand thirty five

I want — and have — to be a Commission for the reconciliation of the warring sides within one person of the parties — including himself. Sometimes it works and sometimes I'm like a shoemaker without shoes when inside I arranged the civil war and the winning party "for all the best against everything".

How to bring peace there, where they know only war?

A dead end, an absolute dead end. "How to love yourself" — ask people who are accustomed only to shoot... And surgical instruments to cut away all the "not good enough" or a different kind of cunning mental Botox/silicone to build up "missing".

How to stop this steamroller of violence against themselves and others...

I now think — just feel, truly feel the pain that we ourselves also caused, once again plunging the rage, anger, hate, shame, guilt in themselves.

But these good tools — and they are good, Yes, and anger, and the shame and the guilt, and disgust, and hatred — all of them good and necessary, so, these good tools become instruments of torture, and the pain from them is filled with mantras of "be patient Cossack chieftain will", "a little more, a little bit," "if long to suffer, something will work out" and "finally I approve"... I Wonder what mantras you have anesthetics?...

And if you remove them there will be nothing but pain -and then realize that violence will not solve anything. And self love starts with pity and compassion for myself. When you look at the Smoking ruins, and aching soul... "What have I done to themselves... don't want»… Where there is pity, love will not, and therefore pity it is so often trying to destroy in a ruthless world. "For God so loved the world that he gave His only begotten Son"... published


Author: Ilya Latypov


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind - together we change the world! ©



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