Difficult period in life: just turn around...

Just five simple rules.

1. Simplify and ease that can make it simpler and easier right now.

This applies to the last detail. For example, the same mirror to a more convenient location, triage the stuff in the closet in a more convenient way, do yourself permanent manicure who does not need to update every day, give up the meetings at inconvenient times or inconvenient places, get uncomfortable shoes and buy the one that is always wanted, even if it is expensive. Indeed, all this will not solve the problem. But all these little things in a difficult period of life should not become the last straw for the breakdown.

2. Surround yourself with those people with whom you now have similar goals and interests.

The rest will be for you to educate or introduce doubt, which will further aggravate the difficult period.

3. If mind is bad thoughts, do fifty sit-UPS, fifteen pushups and a minute in "the limit".

If does not help — to repeat the call. The second time just released.


4. Focused on tasty and unusual food in this period.

Cook what you have not cooked before. In a difficult period of life is very important to feel a new taste.


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5. And Yes, if you see that from the current situation, no way out, it is not necessary to fight, as fish about ice, and something to prove to anyone.

Just... turn around and exit through the entrance. published


Author: Tamriko Sjølie


Source: splash.project-splash.com/posts/chto-delat-esli-typrozhivaesh-trudnyy-period-vzhizni-/1j39g132a06


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